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In honor I greet you and am blessed because of you.

Life is a most wondrous and joyous experience,
I stand in awe and admiration of the beauty and diversity of all creation.
There is no time that life does not provoke wonder for me,
the fact that I exist brings a great humbleness and gratitude
of which I have no words to express.

     Each living thing, every being known and unknown shares the same creator, the same universe and the same beginning, it is not to man to determine the worth of all life only his own.

     The creator has made us one race one tribe, who will say they are wiser than the one who has made us.

     Our differences do not set us apart they are the truths that teach us who we are, they give meaning to our prayers, they are the hope and trust of future generations. See with clear eyes and an open heart the true gift of creation, if you say life is sacred then you will treat all life in a sacred manner, that is to say with honor and respect, causing no offense.

     Who can say to another, that you must believe this or that you must pray with these words or sing these songs? There are no words, no songs, no prayers or ceremonies that hold truth, it is only the faith and belief within your own spirit that holds this truth. Let your heart guide you and give meaning to your words, your songs and your prayers let them be of your own making.

     There is a veil that separates us from the truth of who we are, this veil is our own creation and is the illusion of a momentary existence, if we are truly to see beyond the veil then we must deny the illusion and seek instead the truth that lives within us all, there is only this life its worth will be measured not in possessions but by the love and wisdoms we hold.

     There is only one tribe.

     The time of this cycle is almost at its end and a new cycle is ready to begin. How we as one tribe without borders without color or religion choose to move through this cycle will be determined by the ability to see life with open hearts and clear eyes.

     What is done is done, choices made can not be taken back, it is only the lesson learned that can be carried forward. There was a time when life existed in balance, this time will come again if only for a little while, we will have the chance once again to make choices as to the direction we as one tribe will go.

     If we choose fear, anger, hate or dishonor then we have learned little as a people and will carry no knowledge forward for our ancestors to come.

     If we choose courage, love, honor and truth then we bring honor to our ancestors and keep their promises to the creator and our great mother who sustains us

May love guide you and keep you, and may your paths bring peace to all our relations. Aho!

Your Comments, Questions and Suggestions are Welcome!

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