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Opal Moon ~ May 2006

I know what the guys feel when they say;
I just need to RIDE.
I feel this way in my Jeep.
It's the wind Blowing threw you, as to clean your Spirit.
Brushing things off of you.
It's the Sun,
giving you power, Loving you.
It's the Night
covering you up.
The Moon
Giving you light.
It's being in the Universe.
You may not fit in the life of Human,
even though you wear the flesh.
But you know you have a place in the Universe
where you feel at home at Rest.
Just let me break away...
Where I can Breath again.
So when I return
My Spirit is clean
Where I may walk again.
I may not understand,
Nor look as though
I should.
And when I talk it may not be,
just like you think
It should.
I have lots to give
Yet hold it in.
For fear...I may get hurt.
I know I must face the Fears.
To Learn to Ride again.

Opal Moon


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