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WEAGLE-March 5, 2003

    Bingwi, as the people called him sat on the shores of Minnetonka. He was called this because he was no more than a grain of sand. The people often were heard laughing at Bingwi mostly because of the thoughts that came to him. Although many laughed at these thoughts he continued to ponder them. Sometimes he became confused after sharing his thoughts with others, which led him to ponder the thoughts more. 

One such thought nagged at him, as he sat quietly waking up, as the sun began to come over the waters. He thought how interesting it was that when he would speak of good things from the past others would say, " Those are good memories and it is good to remember these things", yet when Bingwi would share with these same people things that were painful or hurtful he was told, " You dwell on the past and live in the past, this is not good". Bingwi found these statements conflicting and contradictory. 

Bingwi like many of the people believed that all and all things were a part of the web of life. Both good and evil were a part of the web.. they each brought something to the web of life and nothing could exist without one another. He questioned and pondered the question, if this was true, why then were not the painful and hurtful things in his life not also memories. Was it because of the difference in emotions which each memory evoked that made it good or bad. Bingwi also pondered if in reality it was not the emotions that were not the culprits which others did not want to deal with from one's remembering. 

Bingwi also wondered what really made up each person. It seemed to him everything one came in contact with and each person or thing which touched his life and his being took and left something of it self. How often had it been said, "All things, All beings are a strand in the web of life". If one chooses to forget the ugly, painful and hurtful things of the past do they not also forget a part of who they are and what has made them who they are? Are these things not as important to their well being as those things which are thought to be pretty, painless and unharmful? Did these not also have to be acknowledged, accepted and then put into perspective before one could move on and live in the present or even look to the future?

Bingwi looked at the sand and in looking he was able to see each individual grain of sand which covered the beach. Each grain possessed a truth, a piece of the history of the world. He noticed some were well rounded and smooth, others had sharp smooth edges, some sharp and jagged. Bingwi also saw something else there were more grains with rough or sharp jagged edges than there were smooth edges laying upon the ground. It made him laugh, for a thought came to him, how funny people were for many would say it was these with the smooth edges that were the prettiest yet the ones with the rough or sharp and jagged edges that were the most curious and interesting grains of sand. How much like people the grains of sand were, he thought, as he looked upon each one. The smooth ones were seen only as pretty or thought not to be interesting enough to look at and the rough or sharp jagged ones were the ones who were always poked and prodded at and never left alone to be who they were. Someone was always trying to smooth their edges and make them look pretty.

Bingwi had to wonder who was to be pitied more the smooth grain of sand who had allowed it's shape, and character to be changed by forgetting it's past hurts and pain or the grain of sand who refused to forget and carried within it self all that first made it's rough and sharp jagged edged in the first place. Which of the two grains was the truest grain, which of them carried the true face of all it's history and it's life? 

Bingwi also pondered the perspective each smooth grain of sand had been transformed and through this transformation were it possible the smooth grain of sand had passed through so much in its own life time that through time all had taken it's toll on it's very own rough and sharp jagged edges, which it had been created with, that it had lost a part of itself to become what was now seen as just a pretty grain of sand with none of it's own personal character left but only the mirror of the so called good characteristics of all which had touched it's life in some manner or way until all of it self disappeared and it had nothing left but what was called good memories by others rather than perhaps it's name of reality, which might be called acceptable memories.

Bingwi found he had to ask the question was the smooth grain of sand also not just as interesting and curious as the rough, jagged edge grains of sand, after all the smooth grains had been around for perhaps far more years and had they not with stood the tests of time and all things. Was it not all the poking and prodding that had been the cause of it's smooth soft edges? 

In a world where everything seemed to be looked at as either good or bad Bingwi wondered when and if the world would ever be able to see things as they really were, neither being good or bad, but as they are. Would the world ever be able to accept each grain of sand for itself and still be able to see the beauty within each one? Bingwi did not know the answer, like his name he was a grain of sand upon the beach one of a zillion others like them yet at the same time unique and individual, though his needs, wants, desires and dreams the same and similar to all within the web of life, he was still a grain of sand and was not more or less than another. What Bingwi did know was that all had the same needs as one another and when all was said and done it did not matter what the outside looked like it was the heart of the matter CREATOR sees. 

Bingwi smiled again as he looked out over the beach and the waters and seeing the sun now high in the sky and knew all things had to be the way they were for one reason and one reason only. CREATOR was in control of each one's life and allowed or disallowed all things no matter how much one thought they had anything to do with anything they really were all no more than a Grain of Sand upon a huge beach. 

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