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WORDS of WISDOM from Rita and mr. b
February 2006


Guest Contributions do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. I am trying to create an open forum. I reserve the right to include any submitted article or not, with or without saying why. If you wish to reproduce any of these writings or graphics  you must ask permission of the author. At the bottom of each article will be contact information for the author when it is available. ~Snow Owl

HEART QUEST 091102 - New Article Submitted June 2008


A million years ago in Klamath Falls, Oregon there was Pat Coker and Rita Nalette who ended up in a Catholic girls school in Portland, Oregon. Life went on, we lost touch, and we each came into our own identities.

She is Feather Rock North Central Minnesota Native American Veterans Outreach & Resource Center (See info below). And I became the pot Feather stirs when she needs a wordsmith who has no problem going for the jugular. We are a lot older now; she is a warrior and Im an old lady bunking with mr b (a Chihuahua with an agenda). We both (mr b and I) feel strongly about First People issues and lend our small resources to help Feathers people.

Ive learned that I can cry, curse, or write. Writing is more productive. Below is a copy of an opinion letter I wrote that was published. Feather said to send letters asking for a pardon for Leonard Peltier..I hand wrote letters to everybody begging for a pardon.

Last Saturday there was a march for Leonard Peltier. Id never marched before. But march we did. mr b, Jeannie an old school chum, and I. If we dont leave the world a better place for having been here then whats the point?

Editorials & Opinion: Tuesday, February 08, 2000


Tribal rights -- Governor's position, behavior on tribal rights are insulting

I am unable to decide if it is racism, hypocrisy, or just plain stupidity that prompts the current shameful behavior of this state's government with regard to the issue of the Yakama Nation acting lawfully within their treaty rights ("Yakama alcohol taxes have the state smoking," Editorials, Jan. 26).

The Yakamas, exercising their right to fight alcoholism and drunken drivers, have utilized the same widely accepted mechanism of individual states and the federal government, which is to increase taxes on those products deemed medically dangerous and societally destructive.

Our own state and the federal government raised taxes on tobacco products under the banner of protecting our children and recovering medical costs.

The issue is "demon rum" and the state snivels about money lost in liquor sales. That is pathetic.

But, what is more pathetic is that nothing is said about the horror of ruined lives and the destruction of families by alcohol and "(Gov. Gary) Locke's aides identified $4 million in federal dollars that could be used for alcohol programs."

Every day I see people on the street visibly suffering from the effects of alcohol abuse and it makes me very angry that I cannot personally help them. They are in my face and they can't see the extreme sorrow, rage and frustration there because they are lost. I don't want to lose any more.

I would be failing in my duty as a citizen if my silence were to be seen as support of a governor who wants to sell more booze.

The governor needs to pull his head out of his wallet because his position and behavior are insulting.

Rita Nalette, Seattle

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Letters to the Editor

Louisiana officials have some explaining to do
I should think that before we plunk the buck on the desk of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, we might stop at the desk of Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco or even New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

Why haven't they placed employment advertisements in all major newspapers asking for the return of the residents to help in the cleanup and rebuilding?

Why has the silence been so deafening with regard to the plight of the Native Americans who also suffered greatly from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita?

Rita Nalette

HEART QUEST 091102- New Article Submitted June 2008
Rita Info: Read more Words of Wisdom from Rita at

Feather Rock Info: North Central Minnesota Native American Veterans Outreach & Resource Center, 6936 Little Wolf Road NW (across the road from the new Leech Lake Tribal College) Gamiskwawakakog, Leech Lake Indian Reservation, 218-335-0106 voice, 218-335-0087 fax.

mr b Info: that is small "m" small "r" and small "b" because after all mr b is only 7 lbs.

mr. b a Chihuahua with an agenda

SELF PORTRAIT-Leonard Peltier

HAWKMAN II- Leonard Peltier

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