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Daniel Bingamon - June 25, 2008


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IKTOMI AND HOVERCRAFT - Daniel Bingamon - June 25, '08

DANIEL BINGAMON-September 2006

Cankpe Opi, the winter came and coldness settled in your valley.

On that day when blood fell upon the snow and the rivers flowed with human tears, your name that was to be, is now the name that it is.

The wound was formed and cries out in pain.

It scratches at our hearts and cries out to be healed.

Like a wound that does not heal, so it has continued to hurt.

The people and land and all the relatives and their friends hurt from your wound.

Some could not take the pain and sickness and we scattered off into four directions.

No matter how far and isolated we were, the wound is still there, 116 years and it still hurts.

So I pray for you, Cankpe Opi. to pray for the healing to go out from your epicenter, to pray that the rivers will flow with the spring rains again and not with tears, that the spring time will come and the morning dew will form.

The spring rains will descend on happy hearts and dew of joy will be carried by the four winds unto all those who are scattered and cry for you.

That the people will dance a joyful memory for their ancestors.

Tunkasila, go over the land and breathe on your people.

Let new life go forth with new blessing and unified vision.

Lift the heaviness, remove the burden, may there be peace.

IKTOMI AND HOVERCRAFT - Daniel Bingamon- June 25, '08

Daniel Bingamon ( )

I'm a Flutemaker and Computer Programmer from Kings Mills Ohio, I'm about
1/16th Lakota on my father's side and some Cherokee on my mothers
side. Last year I was awakened to my native roots and it set me out on a
new exciting journey in which I met some of the best human beings in the world.

Back in December, I read about Wounded Knee and it really disturbed me and
decided I need to write about it. I also hope and pray for the Oyate that
their situation will improve. Toksa, Daniel Bingamon

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