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A new disease has hit our land,
From coast to coast it will expand.
A mathematical cancer about to spread,
Touches the heart, but kills the head.

Who is Indian? The question today!
How much will we spend on our own DNA?
Our ancestors never sat down in a circle,
Paying to know which turtle is turtle?

Percentage of blood is not what should count!
Its how you use it that shows the amount.
The answer isnt in a tube, but the heart.
If we drain out our spirit, it all falls apart.

Big blood, little blood, what do you care?
Too light, too dark, how cruel and unfair.
Indian is a way, a spirit, and a life.
An elder, a child, a god given right!

Honour our culture, our stories, and our songs.
Celebrate, remember, or they will be gone.
Hold on to our history, but change and grow.
Otherwise, youre dead, and you didnt know.

Memorize our commandments,
Then put them to use.
Grandfathers, please help us,
To heal this abuse!

White Sparrow
Copyright July 31st, 2005



>>>>>TO BE INDIAN...<<<<<**


Indians do not walk around
In bustle and feathers each day.
They dress as common as you and you,
Things have changed since yesterday.

Indians do not all have brown eyes,
Nor painted one shade of skin.
To think they cannot hold a dream;
Well my friend, that's just a sin.

An Indian has a gentle soul,
But they're not afraid to fight.
The Elders pass down old legends,
They're remembered, by the 'White'.

Indian is more than one belief.
It's greater than struggle and strife.
It's honour and spirit, tradition and strength,
A beautiful wisdom, of simple life.

(In gratitude and recognition of my journey)
Author - White Sparrow




These poems came from Wigwam D at the  website. Visit Wigwam D for more wonderful poems, and check out the other Wigwams for lots of information and words of wisdom from this old spirit who is still learning.
~ ~ Stone Woman

** These Poems are all Copyrighted, FOR PERMISSION to use them CONTACT White Sparrow at





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