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"Sunrise to Sunset"-NEW!

Beautiful sunrise
take me away...
take me to a place far..
far away...
holding each other 
passing the time
gaze into your eyes
of bright sunshine...
lay on a blanket
snuggling so close..
watching the sunset
come to a close...
opening our eyes
to see each others
smiling eyes lock
one to another
as if to say...
hold me close
dont let me go...
i wish all our 
days to be 
"Sunrise to Sunset"

"Beauty on the Inside"

So many people today 
dont stop to see the 
beauty on the inside 
of a person
they only see what is 
on the outside
the outside is just the 
its what is on the inside 
that counts
the big hearts
the kind gestures
the smile is not only
on the outside but...
in the inside as well
the beauty of a person
can not be put into words
you need to follow 
your heart 
cause when it comes 
to love
the heart beats

"Thundering Hooves"

When I sit alone at night
I often dream of 
the thundering hooves
the sound sometimes 
makes me feel as though
I can fly.
fly so high
so high 
I can touch the sky
sometimes I feel them 
coming closer ...
so close my heart 
beats faster..
other times they 
are off in the 
running so wild and free
toward the trees
often times I hear 
them calling out to me
as if to say 
run wild and free
through the trees
follow me
you will be free
free with 
thundering hooves

"Believe in Yourself"

Many days you feel 
other days you are 
there are days where 
you just want to give 
up the fight
but you must believe 
believer with all your 
The day will come 
that you may see
see through 
all eternity
So just believe 
Believe in yourself
for if you can accomplish 
your heart will feel full
and content!

"Peaceful Friends"

Friends are there 
when you need them 
the most.
they shed a tear when 
they miss you the most 
Their arms open 
wide when you need 
them the most 
and sprout wings 
to fly to you...
whatever the cost 
Peaceful friends
have a way with words
they wish to make 
things all better 
whatever the risk
Peaceful friends 
want to pull you 
to there heart
give kind words of 
whatever the hurt
so open your arms 
let the peace roll
for this peaceful 
friendship will 

"When You Listen"

How special it is 
when you have 
someone who cares...
enough to listen 
to your heart
How special it is when 
someone sees 
you from the inside 
How special it is when 
someone touches you
gently and says...
I care
How special it is
when you listen!
When someone 
lends their 
ear to you
it means they care
enough to share...
So open your ears 
to someone's 
and ... 
give a listen 
its amazing just 
what you may learn
about them...
If only you 

"Gentle Waterfalls"

Water falling beautifully 
down to the ground 
swim out to it 
stand under it 
feel the peace
listen to the gentle 
water flowing 
flowing freely
put out your hands 
catch the joy....
the joy that the 
free flowing 
water gives.
Catch the sunshine
as you look up to the 
Sunshine releases 
a bright shining smile
A smile to unleash 
on the whole world 
So when your down 
and troubled
just swim to that 
"gentle waterfall"

"Peaceful Yet Wild"

Take a walk into 
the woods
sit peacefully
watching the wild 
close your eyes
hear the peaceful
yet wild sounds 
of the woods 
calm feelings run 
through me
as I open my eyes 
to see 
gleam of sunshine 
bearing down 
the trees 
A huge smile comes 
to my face
as the bright 
lifts my spirits
oh how peaceful....
oh how wild ....
the woods can be 
hear the songs 
of birds 
hear the crackle 
of branches 
as deer walk 
through the trees 
Puts the mind 
right to ease 
oh how peaceful......
yet wild !

Desert Sundance

Sunset Point

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