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Snowy Owl Spirit

On silent wing I soar on high,
Far above the pain.
No limits to where I fly,
The cosmos, my domain.
You may see me flying low,
Or hear my mournful cry.
But I will never let it show,
The pain I feel, not I.
My vision is a gift, you see,
On that I cannot lie.
The spirit has been good to me,
Although I still do cry.
It's not for me, my sorrow shows,
But for Mother Earth, and Father Sky.
Our lessons will not be learned,
until we've destroyed it all.
And that my friend is why I cry,
Our children take the fall.
Our heritage might all soon die,
Oh, Spirit hear my call.
I will now take flight on silent wing,
I rage on, not heard at all.
I prey someday this song I sing,
Will be heard both near and far,
Please Great Spirit let my voice ring,
Please carry my voice to one and all.
Let all who hear me sing,
Help save this big blue ball

Snowy Owl Spirit 9-11-2001



On Timbre Winds I take flight,
High above the clouds I go,
Soaring high into the sky,
No fear of what's below,

Higher now, with wind I fly,
Not looking back from whence I came,
The gentle drafts do lift me high,
And I fly higher yet again,

Into the stars to heavens gate ,
With Timbre Winds I gently glide,
On thermal drafts this flight I take,
Will lead me to your side,

I perch on top of heavens gate,
As Timbre Winds blow by,
So patiently I do wait,
I let out a mournful cry,

He hears my call and turns around,
A hand to me he lends,
I then take flight without a sound,
On Silent Wing with Timbre Winds

Snowy Owl Spirit Oct. 15, 2001

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