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RED SPIRIT HAWK(Sha)- Summer 2002

A Poem for Talon and the little ones within us all
by Red Spirit Hawk {Sha)

I circle around skies for the Creator 
in the body of a hawk I fly.
My eyes are very sharp and 
I see many great acts to be shared
with the Creator about the children below.

We have been called the People,
no matter to what tribe we born to,
and The People knew many truths
We knew we were here to care for Mother Earth,
to honor all of her children,
be they of the pants, animals or the People.

We were to honor the food we ate, 
giving thanks to its source for a bounty 
given us so freely, 
out of our shared love for the Creator
We gave prayers to all that surrendered
their lives to us, that we may live.

Then Others came unto the lands 
the creator had given to us to hold 
The People of all lands were supposed
to remember the sacredness of all life 
was to be honored and thanks to be given
Taking only what was needed 
for at that moment in time.

The new ones did not remember.
They slaughtered without thought 
for the fun of the killing
Soon their lands no longer held
populations to murdered,
that gave them this pleasure.
Their spirits within grew sick 
due to the lack of killing 
That it has learned to feed on.

Little ones were born to them.
Helpless beings for their twisted needs,
to be tortured as if they were enemies
instead of their sacred responsibility
They felt littles had no rights and
were only there to bring them pleasure
of a horrible sick life, until their victims died

Sometimes those twisted littles survived.
The sickness of those who rased them
became their way life too.
It was the way pleasure was to be gained.
Thus it became the way live was lived
and it was to be passed on.
It would be continued on and on, 
forever by each new generation of littles
My heart cried for each little lost. 

I wished to fly no more 
The creator called me to its side.
It asked me what was bothering me
What had hurt my soul so much,
that I did not want to live.
I told it of the pain and sickness, that I felt
when each small being was lost.

It told me to look at the world,
this Earth School it had created
to speed up a Soul's growth.
Just "loving all" provide a very slow
growth within this universe.
Eons could pass before a Soul 
learn what ones lifetime time 
could give in this Earth school.
Great acts of evil and good 
had their own rewards in learning.

No one wishes to live a bad life
but without Earth School
how could one learn what love was?
Universal love does not have the same
depth of feelings that being a parent 
or a child could bring 

All volunteer for these lessons.
They wished to learn, so they
can become great spiritual beings
like Mother Earth or Grandfather Sun.
All in the Universe study and grow.
Even I grow and evolve with each of you

That you heart can feel this degree of love,
shows you are ready to go to Earth School
as One of the People to join Mother Earth 
now as she readies for rebirth 
to her next level of spiritual growth.
I need you to go and to teach
all of love you have learned 
while flying around boundaries of the sky.

I am asking you to volunteer for Earth School.
All I can promise is the chance for great growth.
All Earthlings have free choice.
I write no scripts for their lives and
only the promise an environment for 
evolution of the Soul.
You write you own scripts for your live.
Your reactions to this environment will be 
what you choose to make in the moment.

Now I wonder, as I sit on a mountain top
if all the pain I had suffered really helped.
In my heart of hearts I know it did.
I am one of the People and 
I have remembered that I do this 
out of love for all of my relations,
Mitakuye Oyasin, AHO!


    I wrote this to help one who is remembering and I am sure it could bring some 
ah ha's to others. Spirit and I work very hard at putting together words, so others may feel them. My heart reaches out to those who have suffered so much, at the hands of men. I have suffered many deeply wounding events and when I look around, others have suffered so much more than I. 

    Who am I? One who remembers the pain caused by people, when I was just a baby. I was born to a mother who was very lost into the world of alcohol. She carried Native Blood, but of what tribe I do not know. Spirit has told me that she was mixed in her blood. My father was of mixed spirits and totally unknown. One night of drinking and sex produced me. This is not a new story, I know. I was left with people, who abused me; only to be traded to others who did worse. I never knew my people and that really hurts, much more than being abused. 

    I have written several papers about culture shock in Native Americans and those who have come to teach them. Both suffer greatly from the same disease. Each triggers the other and few try to understand, what is happening to the other or themselves.

    I have a Masters degree in counseling and a BS degree in biology and chemistry. Both of these degrees only say, I have learned to enough to pass tests. My real learning has been a miracle. Even though my life was very hard in places, I have stood with Spirit outside of time space, just as I did in my poem. My gift is that I can do this and I can look down on Mother Earth and see the true picture. Just as in treating someone's trauma, I can step out quickly for a few seconds to refresh myself and feel the love Spirit has for us all. I feel really blessed and honored that Spirit would choose me for healing those who come to me.

    I know so many full blood natives, who feel that we, who are of mixed blood have no rights to their belief system. All that I know Spirit has taught me. My belief system is anchored in many lifetimes. One needs only to step within my Spirit room, to feel those roots going back to the mists of time. Perhaps needing to learn and find the truth; teaches all of us much more someway. We do not take for granted those things we learn. I do not know and I am always humbled that Spirit has given me these gifts.

    I have come to help White Buffalo Woman and carry much love in my heart for the path I walk at this time.


    May rainbows fill your day with great joy,

    Sandy aka Sha

 Another contribution from Sha-Coyote, the Artist and Big Fat Bunnies





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