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Carlton ( Achoba) Sonnier


January 22, 1966 (Submitted December 30, 2007)


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     A long time ago Man walked this earth as he chose to. He went to the places he wanted to see, not hindered by anything or anyone.

     One day Man came to a small bayou where he could see blackberry bushes on the other side. The morning dew on the bushes made the berries shine in the early sunlight. The man knew of a long limb that had broke off an old oak tree and fell across the narrow bayou and he felt certain that he could walk on it and cross to the other side. So, without further haste the man dashed along side of the bayou until he came to the fallen limb. The limb was very narrow and the bayou ran very swift from the previous three days of rain. His mind made up, he hesitated no longer. With the thought of the plump berries he started inching his way across the narrow limb. Three quarters of the way he met up with a skunk that had a broken leg. Skunk barred his way. In those days man and creature did not get along.

     In an angry voice the man shouted, "You! Smelly creature, you must back up so I can reach the other side."

     The creature grimaced in pain, "My leg is broken, and I cannot turn around."

     Man took a step forward, "I must reach the other side, and there are wonderful berries there."

     Skunk raised his voice, also becoming irritated, "Then step over me and be gone so I can be on my way, there are bigger and juicier berries where Im going."

     Man moved a little closer to Skunk, "I cannot step over you, the limb is too narrow, I might slip and fall in the bayou."

     Neither one wanted to give ground. Man thought that if he could kick Skunk off of the limb and in to the water he could cross to the other side. But, maybe Skunk would drown. Even though he didnt like creatures of four legs he could not drown one either. Besides, if he slipped in the attempt to kick the skunk off, he himself might fall in to the water and drown.

     Skunk thought that he should spray the two-legged thing, then surely it would turn around and run away from the smell. But, in doing so, the two-legged thing would not be able to see and could fall in the bayou and drown. Skunk did not like Man, but he could not make one drown. He thought of turning around. But no. If he tried to turn around on only three legs he would surely fall in the swift moving water and drown. From early morning until the sun was straight above they pondered their dilemma, each not wanting to give way.

      Finally, after some time had went by, Skunk said. "I have the answer to our problem."

     "You decided to back up, didnt you?" Man answered.

     "No, but I can show you wonderful berries where Im going if you would only pick me up and carry me there."

     Man laughed, "I know where the berries are; they are behind you."

     Skunk nodded, "Yes, but where Im going the berries are sweeter and more plentiful."

     On hearing this, Man looked up at the passing sun. He had been standing there for many hours. "You say the berries are sweeter where you are going?"

     Skunk said. "Yes, that is true."

     The position of the sun told man that the day was running out.

     "Ill do as you say." Man said.

     Man picked up the four-legged creature gently and held him at arms length. Slowly he began to inch his body around on the narrow limb and walked back to the end of the limb where he was hours before and followed the creatures directions. A short time later they came upon what seemed to be dozens of blackberry bushes. Man placed Skunk on the ground, walked over to the bushes and began to pick the beautiful berries.

     When man had gathered a handful he walked back to where skunk waited and sat on the ground next to him.

      You were right, the berries are the sweetest Ive ever had. Thank you.

     Man felt good in saying this and shared the berries with Skunk. From that moment on man carried skunk with him wherever he went.

     Since then, Man and Creature live in perfect harmony.

Carlton ( Achoba) Sonnier
January 22, 1966

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    Carlton wrote Spotted Wolf -- My father's mother, my grandmother, was of the Choctaw Nation, a Chitimacha full blood. She was an herbalist or healer. Now that I am 71years young I look back at times when she and others told stories. Those days have faded mostly but many good memories still remain. I wrote a story for the reservation school children many years ago but never gave it to them but maybe its not to late. I would like to share it with you and the readers of your wonderful works.
~~ Thank you for sharing this with us. It is once again time to remember our relationship with the Animal Nation. ~~Stone Woman, Spotted Wolf

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