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WEagle-December 1 ,2001


The North post of the tipi is the Buffalo 
The East post of the tipi is the Eagle
The South post of the tipi is the Wolf 
The West post of the tipi is the Bear
Father Sky and Creator the place of our breath above 
Mother Earth the giver of all life below

When we are feeling alone we must come to the tipi
where the Eagle soars over protecting all with in
The Wolf stands protecting all within, teaching us the lessons of life and 
helping us to remember our survival is with in the pack
The Bear keeper of the dream world and all the medicines of 
the earth, walking beside us giving us courage to face each new day.
The Buffalo gives us the strength to go on
and teaches us to give all of ourselves
Mother Earth holds us in her arms, comforting, loving, healing and renewing us 
Creator directing, shedding light and providing guidance for us
on the path our moccasins have been placed

When we come back to the tipi we are renewed
and find when we feel there is no more to give
there is a little more but we must take the responsibility and
come back to the tipi where we will find rest, strength, counsel, and
renewal of our spirit 

This is the lesson and the way of the pack, flock, heard and the family 

WEagle1 December 2001

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