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Daniel Bingamon


June 25, 2008


Guest Contributions do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. I am trying to create an open forum. I reserve the right to include any submitted article or not, with or without saying why. If you wish to reproduce any of these writings or graphics  you must ask permission of the author. At the bottom of each article will be contact information for the author when it is available. ~Snow Owl

PSALM FOR WOUNDED KNEE - Daniel Bingamon - September 2006

Back in 1947, Iktomi was wandering through the Desert in New Mexico. He was bored to death, nothing to do, wanted to have some fun. Watching planes fly through the air, he thought that it would really be fun flying. Walking a little further, he came across an old junk yard. Some old car parts, trash can lids, a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, tinfoil and some balloons. Iktomi was really good at technology so he decided to take the parts and tools that he found into the desert and make a flying machine.

With the parts that he had, he decided to make a hovercraft, one that could fly really fast. He did it alright but there was a problem. There weren't enough parts for him operate the whole vehicle, he would need some help. He sighted small colony of ants nearby and decided to employ them. They were too small so Iktomi made them bigger and have human hands to operate the controls.

Now it was time, Iktomi started the engine and told the ants what to do. The craft came off the ground making strange noises and Iktomi had fashioned headlights on it in the four directions so that he go any direction instantly. They began racing the vehicle through the desert, blowing strange patterns in the sand and he enjoyed going really fast.

Coming up on the town of Roswell, Iktomi was getting crazy about the speed, faster and faster. Ants were getting a bit tired of the ordeal, finally a missed turned and the vehicle crash landed. Iktomi managed to disappear and bail out before the crash happened but the ants didn't do so well.

In a short time, while Iktomi was hiding, humans arrived at the crash site. Later military people arrived , they were stunned to see these large strange antlike people and decided that they must be outer space.

Iktomi had a good time raiding lunches from the all the visitors at the crash site that day.

Once in a great while, Iktomi decides to have another hovercraft ride, so whenever you see these giant ant people you'll know that Iktomi is somewhere near.

PSALM FOR WOUNDED KNEE - Daniel Bingamon - September 2006

Daniel Bingamon ( )

I'm a Flutemaker and Computer Programmer from Kings Mills Ohio, I'm about
1/16th Lakota on my father's side and some Cherokee on my mothers
side. Last year I was awakened to my native roots and it set me out on a
new exciting journey in which I met some of the best human beings in the world.

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Created July 2, 2008