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SANDY AKA SHA-September 2002

    Coyote was resting in the sun by a little stream, all stretched out and comfortable. He looked at the mountains and the blue sky and felt a day could not get much better than this. He thank the Creator for the wonderful bunny lunch. Coyote is crazy about big, fat bunnies, but that is a different story.

    Suddenly there came a feelings of distress and smells of fear wafting along on the breeze. He sat up and stretched. He looked around to see the source of these vibrations. He heard a little human child crying, not too far off. Being a curious creature, he went to look at what was wrong. He trotted up a small deer trail and found a little girl sobbing her heart out. He went and sat down in front of her.

    "What is wrong," Coyote asked. Little children can hear and understand many animals' speech. Adult call them silly, so they forget they can as they grow older.

    "My parents are lost and I cannot find them," sobbed the little girl." I looked everywhere to find them."

    Coyote laid down and moved closer to the child. "Maybe I can help you, do you know where they got lost?" He asked in his softest voice that he would have used with his pups.

    " I was supposed to be napping, when I saw a pretty little fawn. I wanted to talk to and followed into the woods. I thought I had followed this little path, but  I have walked a long way, trying to find my family. I tried to follow the path back, but the campsite was lost too."

    "My young ones do this sometimes too, when I think they are napping." He crawled closer to the little one." It is late now and time for Father Sun to go to sleep for the day. I think you need to stay here with me, until Father Sun reappears in the morning. Then we will look for your lost parents."

    "I am so hungry" cried the child.

     Coyote knew that this little one could not eat fat bunnies. He had observed humans many times digging up some big, fat roots and eating them raw. "My den is not far, put your hand on my back and I will guide you there."

     With all the trust of a child, the little hand was placed on coyote's back. As they walked she stopped crying and was down to small sniffles. They came to the den, but it was too small for the human child to enter. Coyote had a good wallow hole not faraway, that was shielded from the wind by many bushes and trees that encircled it. He lead the girl to a rock that close by the wallow hole.

     "Sit here and I will fix a resting place for you. Then I will go and get you something to eat."

     The little one sat on the rock and looked on intently, as coyote fixed a bed for her to rest on. .He first pushed a layer of leaves in the hole, followed by a lot of pine needles into the oblong incline. Then he pulled up a lot of dried prairie grasses to line the hole and lastly he gathered some soft belly hair that he had recently shed during the long, hot days of summer..

     "Come lay down here and rest. I will cover you with more grasses and leaves. This will keep you warm. It is important that you remain quiet while I am gone. You must a brave, big girl; as there are animals that are
not as nice as I am." He covered the little one up and trotted off to finds her something to eat.

     There was a place close by where he thought he could finds certain big roots. Now he loved to watch humans and laughed a lot at how silly they could be at times. He knew that as they gather these big roots to eat at certain times of the years. Sometimes they washed them off and ate them raw. He dug up some small ones, hoping they would be soft enough for the small teeth of the child to chew. He washed them off in the stream and carried them back to his guest.

    " I hope you like these tubers."  He said with his best smile. The child smiled and picked one up, bite a chunk off and began chewing it with relish.  "While you finish your tubers, I will go and get some berries that are not far off. My pups liked to eat them sometimes. I know humans seem to really like to eat them too." Then he trotted off again while the girl finished her tubers.

     First he found some big leafed plants growing along the stream. He found the biggest one and chewed the leaf of the stem. He carefully carried it to the berry bush. Carefully he gathered big, fat berries and placed them in a pile in the center of the leave. He then folded the edges of the leaf over with his paw and picked it up with his teeth. Slowly he trotted back to his small guest and dropped the leave in front of her. She made little happy sounds of delight, when she saw the berries and immediately stuff a handful in her mouth. The berry juice ran down the sides of her mouth and all over her hands.

    "Coyote, now I am thirsty", she said with a great big smile.

    "As I said before, you must stay here and eat your berries quietly. I will go to the stream to get you some water." He had seen an empty turtle shell not far from the stream. He let the stream wash it out and then filled it with water. Gently pulled back to the little one. She drank her fill, but her face and hands were still covered with sticky berry juice and he preceded to lick her clean as he would do for a pup.

    "Now I want you to lie down  and I will cover you with leaves and grass again." She started to whine a little and make small sad tones.

     "I miss my parents, my brothers and sisters."  Coyote nosed his way under the grass blanket, laid down and put his paw over her small body. He licked her face to reassure her and she nuzzled her face and

    "I know I am not your family. I will do my best to keep you warm and safe to night. I will hold you close to my body so you stay warm, until morning. Then we will find your family."  He licked her face again and sang a soft tune that his pups liked when they were babies. She put her small hands into his fur and cuddle up to him and sighed in very sleepy tones. Soon her breathing was deep and rhythmic. Coyote knew she was asleep. He then pricked his ears up to listen intently to see if there were any strange sounds. Then he sniffed  the air for anything that might harm is little guest.

     He looked up at the night's sky to see Grand Mother Moon shining brightly as if she was smiling at him and his little charge. He said a prayer to Her to watch over him and the child throughout this night and keep them both from harm. He thanked her for her for  her help in this matter. He felt love shining down on him and he went to sleep knowing all was as it should be.

    Father Sun was just peeping over the horizon and Coyote felt His rays warning the day to come. He felt someone stroking his fur and felt great waves of love flooding  over him. It felt so wonderful, he hated to open his eyes. Slowly he raised his head and opened his eyes. The child was gone and her place was a very beautiful being. She had green hair and a brown body. Her eyes were pools of deep blue and her amble mouth smiled down at him.

    He jumped up and looked for his little night guest. "Where is the girl child?" He asked in a worried voice.

     "I am that child. I am Mother Earth and I wish to reward you with a gift for your service to one that was helpless and needed protection. I wish make you my Keeper and guardian of  the South for all of the People. In this direction they need to learn to laugh at themselves and how silly they can be. Here also they will learn to love and guard those less capable of doing so. Grand Mother Moon will help guide you in the dark of night and you need to thank her each night for her help, just as you always have done. I want you to know many will not be happy or grateful for the lessons that you teach them. They will feel you have tricked them to see things they did not wish to see. As they get older they will be thankful for your help and guidance.

     And so it was that Coyote became the Keeper Guardian and of the South.

Mitakuye Oyasin, AHO!

     As many of you know, I claim the often misunderstood coyote as a friend and guide. I see his as a teacher of how to laugh at ourselves and/or how to step outside of time space to see how silly our behavior really is at t times. I do not see coyote hollowing at the moon, rather I see him laughing at all the silly stuff, we think is so important. He is telling Grandmother Moon all of the amusing things he has observed humanity doing that day.

    In some tribes the clown is held as sacred, for he displays individuals faults in grandiose ways. The trickster in many Earth based or pagan systems of spiritual beliefs, gets to play the part of devil of later Christian religious beliefs systems. Sadly, but true, we all want to blame others for mirroring those things we do not wish to see abut ourselves.. Sometimes, if we just did as coyote does each night and tell Spirit how silly we have been. Owning our own behavior as ours, maybe the world would be a different place to live in.

    I am an empath and part of my gift is to send feeling impressions within the words that I type online. These are feelings and not thoughts. Most people start their feeling statements with I think. In that moment you have take feeling things and put it in nice, safe unfeeling mental statement. Feelings are one word or two at the most. I do not see pictures, I feel them.  I pass my feeling pictures on to others in the words I write. I channel spirit pictures in feelings and tell the story spirit gives about those pictures.

    I am working with a very dear student whom I wish to past much of my knowledge on to. I have an unique ability to of taking things that seem unrelated and joining them in new ways. As many of us were, my student was greatly abused as a child. At time things happen that trigger a great deal of fearful vibrations within her enteric or emotional body. When this happened one night I was asked to tell coyote stories, to the innerchild that was so afraid. As I type these stories, I felt maybe I should make a file and keep them to pass on to others. Since there are coyote stories, I forget to copy them, before I signed off. I think this story needs a larger audience.

    Love and Rainbows,

     Sandy aka Sha

Another Contribution by Sha- Coyote, the Artist and Big Fat Bunnies

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