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SHA aka SANDY-Summer 2002

    One sunny day Coyote was taking a nap in his favorite place by a small stream that a plays soothing songs as it flows over the rocks. Gradually he became aware of a new scent on the breeze. This smell did not belong in this place and he sat up to see where was coming from. Trying to hiding behind a bush was a human female. Humans are always good for a laugh and Coyote loved to laugh. She looked so funny trying to hide behind this small bush that he moved closer to get a better look at what she was doing. 

    She was setting on a small stool. On a small table in front of her she had some clay and it appeared that she was making some kind of animal. In his best voice, he asked her, "What are you making?" 

    His voice startled her and she fell off her stool backwards. She looked a little frightened as she sat up to a sitting position. "Did you speak to me?"

    "Yes" replied Coyote.

    "How is it that you can speak?"

    "When Mother Earth made me the Guardian of the South. Part of the lessons to be learn in the South, is to laugh at oneself, when one has done something silly. This is a very hard lesson for must humans, as they take themselves so seriously. Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon felt it was important for me to be able to speak to humans, in order to help them understand. A mistake is simply that a mistake and it is not a big deal," Replied Coyote. 

    The artist thought about this for a while, "I can see where that lesson is important for me to learn too. I know I get really upset when I have worked a long time on getting an image just right. Then something goes wrong and I have to start over. I am so upset with myself for making whatever mistake has caused me to start over."

    "What are you making with your clay that makes you hide behind this bush?" Coyote asked.

     "I want to make a statue of you, so that your energy is there, guarding the South. When I perform a ceremony and I ask the keepers of each direction to guard and guide me as I walk my medicine wheel. In my place of Spirit, I want your image to remind me I am still learning to create things of spirit. I want to remember that the South teaches me to live life with passion and to love all of the Mother's creations. As you reminded me, I want to remember your lessons of not taking myself too seriously." She replied. 

    Coyote scratched a flea that wanted to live in his ear with his hind leg. To the artist he looked like he scratching his head while he was thinking about she had said. He looked very human like to her.

    "Would you help me to create this stature to the glory of the South and its keeper. I would like your energy and guidance in this creation." Said the artist. 

     Coyote moved a little closer, so he could look at her eyes and read what was written there. "I feel this is important to you and I want you to pay me for my time?"

    "What is it that you want for payment?"

    "First I want a very big, fat bunny to be placed with my image, so that I will never be hunger. Also I want to remind humans that they must always think about feeding the meat eating spirits that they invite into their spirit placed. With so of us, we get hungry and have to eat what we can find. It is better to give us dinner, so we do not have to look for other sources to feed us." He replied.

    "That would not be hard to do and I can remind my brothers and sisters for this lesson about feeding the Spirits we invite to our medicine wheels. Would this be enough," she asked?

    "One more thing I wish for is a beaded breast plate, beautiful stones and gold and silver symbols to say who I am. I want to be painted with a golden tint that shows me off to all who look at me."

    "Hum that sounds like a lot of decoration for a Spirit keeper to wear. It is not very quiet and solemn," She said.

    "Well, how can I get people to laugh in the South, if I am not as silly as they are? Besides I have a big ego too!" He started laughing and so did she. 

     The South is about the joy of living, learning and having fun. It is the place of passion and love, where we celebrate the beauty of each of Mother Earth's creations is. And its keeper likes big, fat bunnies and a lot of decorations. 


 Another Contribution from Sha-A Poem for Talon and the little Ones Within Us all

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