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Coyote and the Cry Heard Around the World

WEAGLE-October 25, 2001

The forest had become quiet even the Blue Jay did not speak since the fire in the  sky had been seen by all.  Owl called a council of all the 4 leg, wing people and  those who fly, swim and crawl.  Many events had taken place which had brought change upon the land and all life. Since the time of the 2 legs creation many things had changed.  They had been given the responsibility for protecting and taking  care of all life and the earth. Earth was the Mother of all living things.  She was the giver of all life therefore was to be respected by all. The trees and stones were to be  respected by all, as they hold the history of time. The waters quenched thirst and cleaned all things so were to be respected. The two legs were related to all; inawendiwag. 

   All life is sacred not just the life of humans, but the life of the plants, trees, the  animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, bugs. They all serve a purpose. All are needed  to sustain life for all.  There was a time when man knew this and knew his survival  was interdependent on others and gave thanks for their life for his survival.  

   Owl sat on the limb in the tall Pine that stood in the forest, he looked around at all  the animals and creatures that had gathered in silence to hear the words of his wisdom.  Eagle sat near by listening and watching.  Eagle like Owl had good sight  and searched the crowd now gathered looking amongst them for any signs of man who might have heard the call.  Their eyes found a few among the many tribes and colors of man who had heard and came to the great gathering.  Some of these were elders who remembered and lived as the old ones had passed on to them to live, a few were the young who were learning and others came to hear because they thought they might be able to steal the treasures they had heard the animals had.  

   Owl began to speak, "These times are a time of great change for all. The time is  not very long now, we must all pull together. We must be very strong and we must  not show fear." Eagle then spoke, "The time has come for each of us to clean up  our own back yard.  The time is not long now when it will be too late for this. There are few humans among us that remember as we have always known and remembered.  Many have lost their way, they have been blinded by greed, power  and jealousy.  They confuse knowledge with wisdom.  Money and material things  with power".     

   Owl spoke, "Who, Who, Eagle has brought truth to us this day.  We have been warned.  Eagle is the messenger of the Great Spirit. He has been given the gift of 
keen eye sight that he might see all upon
Mother Earth. Owl has been given the  gifts of hearing and sight to see in the darkness of the shadows all upon Mother  Earth.  Wolf has been given the gifts of a teacher and warrior. Bear has been given  the gifts of the dream world and all the medicines of Mother Earth.  Bison has been given the gifts of Strength and Bravery, as well as, unconditional love and sacrifice
for the good of all. "   

   Now Coyote had sat himself among those who had come to steal the treasures the animals held. He was not well liked by many upon Mother Earth.  He was always laughed at by the other animals even the birds taunted and teased Coyote.  He  could often be heard gloating over a triumph at the cost of another's fall because  of their laziness or because of their ignorance or gullibility. Coyote himself was  lazy and always looked for the easy way to obtain his wants and desires. He never told the whole truth about anything.  

   Coyote had told those humans who like himself were lazy and blinded by their own desires how the animals and other relations had great treasures hidden and did not want to share them with others.  He told them how they were greedy and these treasures were very powerful. Coyote had said any one who possesses these treasures would surely be able to rule the world and the universe and all who lived  in it. Coyote had promised them if they would bring him food and take care of all his wants and desires he would see to it that they would be shown the way to the  meeting place in the forest and be well hidden. He told them the treasure would be seen that day by all who came.  Now, Coyote had been well fed for months, all  through winter Coyote had lain by a warm fire as food and drink was brought to  him.

   Why Coyote was so happy and content he almost forgot his promise to these humans, only he had gone for a walk in the forest and had heard the children  talking about the great gathering that was soon to take place and how Owl and Eagle would be sending out the call for all to come to the forest and gather together. Coyote upon hearing this remembered his promise.  He knew he must be the one  to tell the humans, who had made life so easy and comfortable for him, before they heard the great call themselves. Coyote walked up to the children and told them  how fine they all looked this morning and how smart they were to know so many wonderful things.  He told them he had heard them talking about a great gathering  and promised if they could find out when this was to take place and tell him he  would see they all would be rewarded for their help.   

   The children happy and excited about being rewarded happily agreed to help  Coyote as he had asked them.  See Coyote knew the children had been taught it  was good to help others who had a need but not having the wisdom yet to know  what a real need was and did not know any better fell into Coyote's trap and being children and having much ego and greed they also fell for his warm kind words and his promise of a reward.   

   The children scattered determined to find out exactly when this gathering would happen.  First they went to Owl and asked if he could tell them the time.  Owl said  to them, "The time and day is unknown by any except for one".  The children asked Owl, " Who is this that would know?" Owl thought for a moment and said, " That is difficult to say for sure, but I will say this, there will be many signs before that time  and one only has to watch the sky to know, soon after there will be a great call to all and that will be the time of the great gathering." The children ran off to find Coyote and tell him what they had found out.   

   Now, Coyote having been told by the children what Owl had said was feeling  much delight that his plan was working. He felt very wise and smart that his plan of deception was working so well and he would never have to hunt and provide for himself again. Coyote returned to the humans camp and sat near the fire watching  the sky both day and night.  He would not take his eyes off the sky for a minute.  After many days of staying awake and watching he began to feel very angry and grumpy.  He became demanding and easily upset about everything. The greedy  and lazy humans muttered among themselves about his laziness and his greed  they found growing as he demanded more and more food and drink but did not  say anything to him for fear of not gaining the treasures and secrets he had  promised the animals would bring to the great gathering.  Finally as Coyote sat by  the fire in the cool brisk morning watching the sky he saw great billows of smoke.   He tripped over himself as he danced and howled waking everyone and causing much confusion among everyone for a time.  He shouted for all to hear, "The Gathering is today! The Gathering is today!!! Hurry! Hurry!!!"   

   As Owl and Eagle spoke to the crowd gathered around. Coyote lay sleeping by  the humans who he had shown the way to the great gathering.  He was so happy  to finally get some sleep after being awake for many days that he did not hear  anything going on around him.  Owl and Eagle had shared many truths with all  who had gathered that day.  Many humans who had come and heard Owl and  Eagle speak had learned many things they would need to know in days to come.  A great feast was served to all.  Now the lazy and greedy humans who had come looking to steal the treasures and learn the secrets were very angry at Coyote for  the lies he had told them.  They had not seen any treasures or heard any secrets  that would provide them with power and wisdom. They began to scream and kick Coyote. Some picked up stones chasing Coyote and throwing them at him all the  way to the other end of the forest and beyond the meadow. Owl laughed watching Coyote running with the lazy, greedy humans following close behind him.  He knew now why the children had tried so hard to find out when the gathering would take place.  Owl looked over at the children gathered and saw the looks of  disappointment on their faces as they realized that Coyote had tricked them. Eagle saw this also and both Owl and Eagle gathered the children around and shared  with them how they must always be careful when helping others.  They told the children there were many like Coyote in the world but Coyote too was a great  teacher and they must give thanks for him also. Without his lessons of what  happens to those who are lazy, greedy and self serving, ones  would not learn important lessons and would not remember those lessons as easily. Coyote helped ones to see that treasures and power sought by others in an easy and quick manner often did not bring anything but harm and hurt to oneself.  Owl told the children they had received a greater reward than any material or monetary gift that Coyote or anyone could promise to give them. They had learned a secret and had been given  a treasure in return for their hurt and disappointment.  

   Owl and Eagle hugged the children and the feast began. Everyone who listened  and watched that day had an opportunity to learn many lessons although they knew things would never be the same as they had been before the great smoke in the sky. Many had heard the call but only a few knew the time for cleaning up their own back yard was growing shorter and soon no time would be left to clean it.

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Coyote-Sonja Boekhorst

Desert Moon


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