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     A grandfather was offering up prayers for his people using cedar
And his grandson asked why do you use cedar to pray for our people? The grandfather told this story

     Once long ago there was a village that did not have a medicine man to pray for our people. One day a visiting medicine man came and all listened. But a young boy named cedar was so taken with him that he left his village to follow him

     Cedar learned all he could from this wise teacher and then became a great medicine man himself
But what made him greater than all was his love he had for his people'

     So Cedar was walking past the edge of a forest one evening and a young man greeted him and urged him to eat with him that night.

     Cedar looked and saw that the young man had lots of food and so agreed to eat with him. As they sat and ate the young man asked cedar what is it he wants more than anything in the world.

     Cedar answered I am old, so I will go to my ancestors. But I love my people so much I wish I could stay with them forever. After eating that night the young man again urged cedar to sleep with him and cedar saw a blanket all prepared for him next to the woods, so he agreed to stay

     The next morning the old man and the young were gone, and where they had shared, a new cedar tree was there.

     When cedar burns, the blaze reminds us of the cedars great healing, but it is the aroma of cedar that reminds us of his great love for his people and that is why cedar is used to pray for the people

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