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Tony “Night Eagle” Angastiniotis


Afrika (Cyprus newspaper) 01/10/07


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This Article is Dedicated to Cherokee Chief Stone Bear
     At moments like these the whole setting inflicts upon you the need to revert to silence… Words become colorless… dreams are lost as ghosts in the mist… You believed in a different morrow where peace prevails over partition and love shatters division…

     You take a step forward… above the crowd… above yourself… You refuse to submit … you disobey the mind… you follow faithfully the heartbeat and a cry of distress from within calls you to take a stand… But you discover that the future does not belong to you… A clan of pirates have stolen the world you dreamt of, together with your innocence…

     You have lost your purity. Together with your dreams they have deformed your soul… You are running with a book… a film… with hope… to tell the world that truth, like a coin, has two sides… But no Bank is willing to exchange it… They say its counterfeited… The nightmare begins… If what has come out from your heart is a forgery then so is the womb that gave birth to it… what is false heart doing in my chest… If it was made of plastic then perhaps it have the right to hate… to destroy…to make allowances…

     Now you know… the world does not belong to you… It belongs to the satraps of the East and the lords of the West… You are nothing but a shabby "x" on a worn out voting-paper that has been deceived hundreds of times before… You return however to the poll, again and again, to lick the legs which for centuries trample over you… To kiss passionately the lips which suck your blood… to shake the hands of those who tomorrow will use the same chains to tie the hands of your children… I will not be there… I’ll abstain…

     You thus ceased being human… you’ve become a pilgrim… kneel deep before inanimate political icons begging for alms… You do not ask for much… a piece of bread… a place under the open sun… to be able to sing, even if the verses are enclaved in low tunes… full of sadness and misery… just like your wounded pride that they bribe with government funds along with your conscience…in Euros, in dollars, its irrelevant… You will have lost your true worth long before they have bought you…

    I have past many times through the trail of tears… with injuries on my body and ashes on my hair… Thus I learned to walk on two as a man… I fear no more the cold on my bare feet… Dry bread with dignity has more taste than the platter of kings … No, my heart is not made of plastic…my dreams are not lost in the mist… The coin is no counterfeit… this world does not belong to the satraps… it belongs to me and you… I have seen the trail of tears, it is as clear and white as a snow path … Our ancestors have walk down that road … we will do likewise… our descendants will also follow the same path… but, I tell you, it is a white path, and we will endure…

Tony “Night Eagle” Angastiniotis -from his website   Email:

Peace activist, journalist and documentarist. Turning point to his career was in 2004 when he produced the controversial documentary “Voice of Blood” exposing crimes committed by his own community, Greek Cypriot, against the Turkish Cypriots in 1974. What was for some an act of acknowledgment and apology to promote reconciliation, for others was an act of treason.

His book “Trapped in the Green Line” has become one of the most popular books in the north side of the island for the encouragement of peace. Circulation of the book in the south side was not possible through main stream distributors and bookshops. Tony often slandered by local media without given the equal opportunity to defend himself. His documentary was never shown by any TV station in the South and he has been a recipient of many death threats by Greek nationalists. Today he is teaching “Peace Journalism” at Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta and is a writer in Afrika newspaper.

His Work today is more focused on bringing awareness about the Genocide of 50,000 native children murdered in the Residential schools of Canada. Tony demands the opening of the mass graves and a reasonable compensation to be given to all survivors of the Residential Schools.

Tony is a member of the United Cherokee Nation and was appointed Clan Chief by the Elders on the 10th of October 2007, and considers this position the greatest honor a person can receive, but also a great responsibility not to be taken lightly. His spiritual believes are rooted in the Cherokee spiritual ways known as the White Path. His native name, Night Eagle, was given to him by his spiritual mother and elder of the Cree nation, Morning Star.

    If you like what you read above, visit this Website from Cyprus to read more from Tony “Night Eagle” Angastiniotis. ~ Stone Woman

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Updated December 7, 2007
Created December 7, 2007