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Submitted March 2005 by Carol Leithead


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     These postcards have been in my late Grandpa Elder's photo album since the early 1900's. The cards faired far better than the album has! My thought was, very few people will get to see these cards if they are just stuffed in an album, and since I just got a scanner, decided to "share the wealth", as it were. I want them out where other people will be able to see them.

     I suspect my grampa got the cards when they first came out, since the copyright date on one of them is 1906. Since he lived in Hardin and my gramma had lived on the reservation, it would be logical.

     My maternal grandfather was Curtis Cooley Hutton, who worked in the Agency Store in the late 1800's, early 1900's. My grandmother, Grace Belle Hutton was the only white child on the reservation for a while. She married my grampa, Wallace Elder, in Hardin Mt. in 1906.

     Wally worked for the railroad. My mother said my gramma could speak fluent Crow , (and often did when she didn't want the kids to know what she was saying), she could bead with the best of them, and had learned all manner of things from the Crow. She wanted to teach my mother, who has kicked her own butt many a time for not being interested.

     I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them!

     With Warm Regards,
     Carol Leithead

     Most of the postcards are copyrighted by Coffeen-Schnitger Trading. Co., there are two of Curly, at least one by Throssel, and most likely the other. It is highly colored, I suppose to enhance saleability.

     The other postcards of the battlefield are allegedly taken one year after the battle. The photos are by Throssel, and from some research, I think a photographer named John H. Fouch. Throssel has his name on several, so its possible someone else took the other pictures.

     There is one colored of the monument prior to the fence being put up, and I have one by Throssel of the custodian's house, Custer battlefield Nat'l Cemetary.








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Updated December 7, 2007
Created March 2005