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Guest Contributions do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. I am trying to create an open forum. I reserve the right to include any submitted article or not, with or without saying why. If you wish to reproduce any of these writings or graphics  you must ask permission of the author. At the bottom of each article will be contact information for the author when it is available. ~Snow Owl


SUSAN BATES-We are honored to be carrying these articles on Native American issues. Articles will be posted as they come in!



WOTANGING IKCHE© NATIVE AMERICAN NEWS© -we are honored to publish the editorial and contents list of this weekly newsletter produced by Gary Night Owl.


  SO SAYS, SPIRIT HAWK ^i^ - NEW- December 2007-We are honored to be carrying insightful articles on current Native American issues by Spirit Hawk



Pow Wow Drum- J.R. Leűn

Iktomi and Hovercraft - By Daniel Bingamon 07/2/08

Heart Quest-Rita and mr.b-Submitted 06/12/08

Ghost Dance-Running Bear-06/10/08

Tuscumasomi- 1/3/07

Man and Creature- 12/30/07

Seneca Grandmother Wins Book Award-12/30/08

Morning Star-Tony "Night Eagle" Angastiniotis-December 12, 2007

Trail of Tears-Tony "Night Eagle" Angastiniotis-October 22, 2007

Like the Rainbow-Tony "Night Eagle" Angastiniotis-October 1, 2007

So You Will Understand - Walking Turtle - August 10, 2007

Remembering the Great Chiefs - Joyce Worley - June 2007

Turtle Talk-When I Dance - Walking Turtle - June 2007

Turtle Talk-Name for Creator - Walking Turtle - June 2007

Turtle Talk-Free Will - Walking Turtle - May 2007

The News Scam: Silencing Genocide - Brenda Norell- Contributed  May 2007

Turtle Talk-In the Old Days- Walking Turtle - Contributed March 2007

Turtle Wisdom II- Walking Turtle - Contributed March 2007

The Blood Wars Continue- Forgiven Wolf - Contributed January 2007

Empty Mocassins - Snowy Owl Spirit - Contributed November 2006

 Poems by Snowy Owl Spirit - Contributed November 2006

Psalm for Wounded Knee- Daniel Bingamon - September 23, 2006

Cherokee Blood-White Dove-May 21,  2006

The Ride-Opal Moon-May 4,  2006

There is a Crime-Travis Lewis-March 28, 2006

Words of Wisdom from Rita and mr b-Contributed February, 2006

Poems by White Sparrow-Contributed August, 2005

Poems by Art Giles-Contributed March, 2005

Untitled-Denise Ianford, contributed Jan. 2005

Good Things to Think About-Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Contributed Nov. 2004

We Are A Throw-Away Society-Lucy Simons, October 2004

Not Quite an Apology-Sara M-August, 2004

How the Cedar Tree Came to Be-Cougar Spirit-August, 2004

The Mayonnaise Jar and Coffee-August, 2004

Steal Thunder-June, 2004

Winter Comment-December, 2003

Turtle Wisdom-Walking Turtle-November, 2003

The First Virginians-November, 2003

One Day-The Story of Taps-November, 2003

Poems by Del "Abe" Jones-October, 2003

White Bufalo Calf Woman-Joseph Chasing Horse-1995

Poems by Sharmagne Walks Far Woman-August 15, 2003

The Full Beauty of the Wild Rose-WEagle-June 15, 2003

Are You An Indian?-Unknown-June 2003

Peace Mocassins-Kahn-Tineta Horn-June 1, 2003

The Bears and Coyote-WEagle-March 5, 2003

A Grain of Sand to Ponder-WEagle-March 5, 2003

Powwow Etiquette for All Dancers-Eagle Warrior-March 2003

Poems by Vette M. White Dove- 3/3/03

Coyote and the Little Girl Lost-Sha-September 2002

Fighting Wolves-Anonymous-September 2002
The Indian Card-Opalmoon-September 2002
Lakota Stronghold, in defense of the Ghost Dancers-
Brenda Norrell Pechanga Net-September 2002
The Splashes of Life...a Sioux Indian Story-unknown- September 2002
Wambli Okiye-Eagle Helps Him-Bruce-September 2002
The Great Tree of  Peace-Bruce Talmadge-September 18, 2002
Poem for Talon and the Little Ones Within Us All-Red Spirit Hawk-August 2002
Coyote, the Artist and Big Fat Bunnies-Sha-September 2002
United We Stand...Willow- October 19, 2001
The Many Things-Wolfdrum-August 31, 1996

Coyote and the Cry Heard Around the World-WEagle-
October 25, 2001 

TIPIS-WEagle-December 1, 2001


Old Postcards-Carol Leithead- March 2, 2005

Crystal Eagles-Rhea

Snowy Owl Art-Kathy Burrell

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