If you appreciate the beauty of jewelry created from Mother Earths natural children, minerals and stones, etc., then you are going to fall in love with this website. Jewelry Mae states that she has been making her crafts since age 4. She tells me that she is around 110 years old, so that would give her 100 years of honing her craft; although I think she is pulling my leg a bit, surely she cant be more than 90! :-}

    In all seriousness, this site is filled with wonderful treasures and a dump truck full of information concerning the individual properties of various stones and minerals, if you are of the mind that such have healing abilities and the like. Me? Well, I can not nor will I try and get anyone to choose this or that way of thinking. I can only tell you my own personal tale. I had an on-going and ever-advancing body movement problem. It had gotten so I could not lift my arms above my head, nor even with arms lowered reach around behind me enough to scratch the small of my back around the belt level. Mae made me one of her creations suited and directed toward my problems. I can only tell you this: Since I received it, I have not taken it off, except once to fix the clasp which I had broken by accidentally snagging the necklace on something. At this time, I have no problem extending my arms FULLY above my head; and, I can not only reach around and scratch, but I can reach around upwards with my left arm and downward over my shoulder with the right arm, and hook the finger tips of both hands together!

    So, do her creations work? It sure did and does for me. Will they work for you? Find out for yourself. Is her work worthy of being called art or beautiful? Well, you now have the link to her site, as well as some examples here: see for yourself! I sure believe both to be true. 

    See you at Jewelry Maes you can buy me a cup of cyber-coffee! ( I take cyber-cream and cyber-sugar, by the way!!!) Snow Owl

Here Are A Few Examples of Jewelry Mae's Healing Necklaces

Starlight Sentry

Guardian of the North

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