July 1, 2008

MAC AFEE'S FINAL WORD - June 17, 2008
UPDATE JUNE 11, 2008

"Boycott Yahoo Search Engine and MacAfee Virus Protection for unfairly labeling certain Native American Web Sites as "unsafe". "

Last week I put the above notice on 500 pages of the site and several other sites. Almost 3000 people have read the details of what is happening with this site and the other Native American website

In response to this, Yahoo has launched a NEW campaign against Today two of our regular contributors to the site received spam emails from a person using a Yahoo email address. The email is a blatant attempt to hook up and looks very much like it could end up to be porn. The person claims they got their email address from their profile on There are NO profiles on There ARE email addresses of contributors, so that others can respond to them concerning their article.

Both of these contributors have had articles and their email addresses on the site for at least 2 years. Until today, neither one of them has ever received spam email from the website.

We believe this is a further attempt by Yahoo to get us to remove the email addresses on the website. The website is a strong voice for current Native American issues, if we remove the email addresses from these articles, they would lose their strength.

I have stated before that Yahoo has put this site and the website on the same level as a porn site or a site designed to cull email addresses. It appears that now they are trying to make it look like that is exactly what this site is about. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

IF you receive a spam email that states they got your "profile" from, forward it to, so we can have a record of it. We have filed a fraud complaint with IC3 and it is very likely Yahoo is sending these emails to discredit a site, that has been up for over 7 years and never had any complaints.

You can read the comments at the bottom of this article, that came to us or were forwarded to us, written about the safety of the website.

We now ask all of you to---

Boycott Yahoo Search Engine and MacAfee Virus Protection for unfairly labeling certain Native American Web Sites as "unsafe".

Spread the word! Send to your email lists! Put it on your website!

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Stone Woman, Spotted Wolf and Snow Owl in Spirit


FYI - I've been to snow owl website in the past, enjoyed it, never been asked to fill out forms etc, no spam from being there, so today after reading your bulletin here I went back and explored around again, no forms etc. After having my system do some website checking and getting no alarms, I put the web addy into Yahoo search and got the warning. Further checking showed me a place to dispute/comment on the rating. Thought I'd let you know what I wrote to them. No telling what will happen. In the past when I've had to complain to Yahoo some of the responses almost make me yell at the screen and reach for their necks - they sometimes just don't "git it". Hope they do this time - anyhow for what it's worth, here's my complaint to them;
"I believe the warning for the snow owl site, that yahoo search displays, is wrong. Over time I've visited said site many times and never, ever have I been asked to fill out a form or give my email address on any page I visited. I've never received any spam as a result of visiting that website and now when I do a Yahoo search on the website, it gives me a warning. I just now finished exploring many parts of that website and, once again, never once was asked to give my email address or fill out any forms as your warning refers to "forms". What gives???? All the website security filters that are in place on my system give it a clean rating


I was not able to post a comment either but that did not keep me from sending the them the following email :) ;
Your rating of the Snow Owl site is in error, plain and simple. I have visited this site for at least 3 years and have NEVER had a problem with spam. I personally know of many others who are also long term visitors to this site and they tell me they are just as shocked as I by your rating of it as they have never had a problem of any kind either. Yes the site has some emails posted, but they never ask for you to do such and the only ones you'll find there are posted voluntarily by those who contribute articles to the site or those who leave they emails in the guest book. In the second case it is neither asked for nor recommended. Any site that has any email address for any reason can have that address used inappropriately by anyone who sees it, so why do you only target a few? If you wish to blame someone then why not put the blame where it belongs? I'm talking about the automated programs that infiltrate sites and gather emails for a variety of unscrupulous reasons. If you are aware of a way to keep them from doing so, then by all means, please make me aware of how and I'll see to it that Snow Owl's site is thus protected. Until then I'd appreciate you removing your rating as it is upsetting many more people than you can imagine and this issue will not just fade away without being corrected.
Sincerely, Lee Spirit Hawk
Tsalagi Author, Story Teller and Activist


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