Tamra Brennan,
Press Release
November 12, 2007

       "Miracles are occurrences many find difficult to accept."
       "Anomalies in the natural world always strike our attention."

Virgin Buffalo Calf Births and Statements from Spiritual Leaders

At the Woodland Zoo < >, a small private zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania owned by Jill and Sonny Herring, anomalies, or miracles, continue to occur.

A known, yet uncommon anomaly is parthenogenesis. In laymans terms, parthenogenesis would commonly be called a virgin birth, and is usually associated with invertebrates, plants, fish, frogs, insects, and lizards. It is not normally thought to be associated with mammals. However, there are some farmers who would tell you its not uncommon for turkeys and rabbits to give birth without fertilization as well. In most cases, the offspring are said to be identical to the mother (with a few exceptions like the Komodo Dragon Lizard and the Honey Bee).

Yet another anomaly is albino animals. Considered a distinct category of anomaly, this is more commonly known to the mainstream mind. Albinos not only have white coloration to their fur or feathers but also normally have the trademark red eyes, pink nose, pink feet, and pink skin. Further, they also are often sterile. Prone to disease and especially susceptible to the affects of sunlight, albinos often have a very short lifespan.

But a different class of anomaly, a true white creature which is not an albino, would certainly catch anyones eye. These white creatures maintain the normal characteristics of their species but do not exhibit the pink eyes, etc., of the albino. Born white, they may or may not stay white throughout their lifetime. Additionally, they often live a normal life and reproduce offspring which most commonly are not white.

The odds are exceptionally high for the birth of a true white buffalo calf. It has been said to be 1 in 10 million. For many of the Native American Nations, a white buffalo calf is considered highly sacred within their traditional culture and beliefs.

In 1994, the white buffalo, Miracle, was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. According to reports, she was the first known white buffalo to be born since 1933. Yet, in the years since her birth, there have been at least 15 to 20 other white buffalo born. Some may be albino; some may have cow or yak genes which created the white. Nonetheless, it is clear that an unusual number of them are true white buffalo calves.

In the normal fashion, in May 2006, one of their two female buffalo gave birth to a normal calf. However, six months later (without being fertilized by any male buffalo or other bovine), the same female gave birth to a fully-developed white buffalo calf on November 12, 2006.

Since the gestation period for buffalo is 9 months, the birth alone was startling. That the calf was white was enough to draw the attention of American Indians around the country. That the female had not been impregnated is enough to draw the attention of indigenous spiritual leaders from around the world. The white calf, a male, was named Kenahkihinn, which means Watch Over Us in the Lenape language by local Natives descended of the Lenape Nation.

The primary prophecies of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota [Sioux] Nations revolve around the appearance of a white buffalo calf and their traditional spiritual stories of a sacred white buffalo calf woman. In April of 2007, Oglala Lakota Spiritual Leader and Head Man, David Swallow, visited the zoo, blessing the calf and grounds. Local Native groups and other Native American spiritual leaders have visited and conducted ceremony as well. These calves are not worshipped but rather viewed as sacred messengers and fulfillment of prophecy.

In June of 2007, Lakota spiritual leaders endorsed two people who live nearby to spiritually watch over the lives of the white buffalo calf: Hawk Michael Spisak, mixed blood Holikachuk and Shawnee, and his partner, Tamra Brennan, who is mixed blood Eastern Cherokee. They were sent to the Eastern Door, the Eastern part of the continent, with a ceremonial drum, a traditional staff, and a sacred canunpa (a sacred Lakota prayer pipe) to aid them in their commission. Both these people have been visiting the calf regularly to pray. With this endorsement comes the responsibility of hosting the many Indigenous spiritual leaders from around the world which are expected to visit, which many have already agreed to do so.

However, on July 28, 2007, yet another remarkable event occurred. In the same pen as the white calf and his mother, resides a second, separate female buffalo. The Herrings have documented proof through USDA records there was no male buffalo or bovine present. Yet on that date, she gave birth to a black with four white legs female calf. Again, it is another instance of, for lack of better words, virgin birth.

The zoo owners assure everyone that there was no male buffalo or any kind of creature on the premises that could have possibly impregnated these two buffalo. They further relate that no instance of artificial insemination was practiced. They are as shocked as everyone else. The Herrings are very open about what has happened and, although they currently lack the funds to do this, have stated that they are willing to allow anyone else to assume the financial responsibility for any genetic testing done on these buffalo calves. The Herrings stipulate that whomever does this testing will agree to be responsible for the health and welfare of either of these two calves, and if anything detrimental were to occur, that party would be held financially liable. The Herrings also ask that this testing be conducted through a reputable and well known laboratory.

In the meantime, Spisak and Brennan realize the impact these events will have and the relevance they hold to all cultures. Many recognized spiritual leaders throughout the Americas have been contacted with regards to this event. Ceremony has been conducted and these two calves have been recognized as, again, for lack of better words, virgin births. These spiritual leaders agree this is an important event for all of mankind, and will issue statements with regards to this event in their time. All recognized spiritual leaders and elders from around the world are invited to come and hold ceremony in their own traditional ways with the calves, along with issuing a statement with regards to these two calves and this event, if they so desire . Anyone and everyone will be welcomed as visitors, by Jill and Sonny Herring of the Woodland Zoo as well as Hawk and Tamra.

Several spiritual leaders have already issued statements regarding these buffalo; you can view their statements at Additional statements from other spiritual leaders are on their way and will be added as they arrive.

For More Information, Contact Hawk Spisak and Tamra Brennan at 304-789-5123


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