February 22, 2007

** Actions in Toronto and Montreal on February 28th, 2007**

One year is too long! Recognize the rights of Six Nations!

February 28th, 2007 marks the one-year anniversary of the Six Nations Land Reclamation. One year ago, a group of people from Six Nations took back a piece of their land that was under construction by developers and demanded an end to the destruction of their land and to settler encroachment on their territory.

Now, one year later, the Canadian government has yet to recognize the truth: that this land is not owned by them nor can it be sold by them. It is
Haudonausaunee (Iroquois) territory, stolen and sold by the colonial
authorities illegally.

The people of Kanohnstaton, formerly "Douglas Creek Estates", have asked for and encouraged solidarity actions and a pressure campaign in support of the Reclamation. The Six Nations Land Reclamation needs your support and solidarity to make the Canadian government understand that Six Nations is not alone. We must speak out against the injustices of colonial land theft and genocide and take a stand for dignity, indigenous land rights, justice and autonomy.

Despite the disinterest of the mainstream media, the Six Nations Land
Reclamation represents a pivotal example in the history of indigenous
decolonization in Turtle Island. We, as people living on stolen land, have a
responsibility to support and demand that Haudenosaunee land rights and sovereignty be recognized. We must also demand that the government  immediately cease the criminalization of those who have been involved in the Reclamation, as over 32 people continue to face bogus charges for defending their rights. It is time to stop spending tax-payer money on negotiators' and OPP salaries, to stop the lies, and to recognize the treaties between the Haudenosaunee and the colonial powers.

The federal and provincial governments recently brought a pack of lies on
paper to the negotiation table, claiming that Six Nations sold their land.
Let them know that we will not be swayed by age-old colonial tactics of
forgery and false dialogue. If the government has any issues with the
Iroquois protecting their own territory, we suggest that they file a land
claim with the traditional Haudenosaunee Confederacy, whose credibility
outweighs that of the Canadian government by a very large margin.

=====>>> FAX/EMAIL/PHONE: February 26th to March 2nd, 2007<<<======

Speak out and make your voice heard!

We have been asked to participate in a week-long fax, email and phone
campaign to government "negotiators" and representatives starting on
February 26 and ending on March 2, 2007. The contact information for this
week-long pressure campaign can be found below. A sample letter is provided
as well. Please take the time to make your voice heard, and make the
government accountable for its unlawful actions and illegitimate claims.

=============>>> TAKE ACTION: February 28th, 2007<<<==============

Invitation to organize local activities and/or actions!

The people of Kanohnstaton have asked for support demos and rallies for the
one year anniversary. Local actions that can exert political pressure on our
government are needed and encouraged. If you can organize locally, please
let the people at the Six Nations Land Reclamation know. You can organize a
delegation to a governmental body to deliver a letter, hold rallies and
demonstrations, or simply participate in the week-long pressure campaign.


In Montreal, supporters will rally at the federal government buildings
located downtown at noon. Speakers from various Haudenosaunee territories
will join us in the speak-out.

Wednesday, February 28th
Complex Guy-Favreau
200 Rn-Lvsque O. (mtro Place des Arts)

Bring noisemakers and banners of solidarity!

Should you wish to get involved in the organizing or mobilization for the
Montreal Rally and Speak-Out, please contact


In Toronto, supporters will gather at the provincial government buildings,
seat of the Liberal government and of the Lieutenant Governor, the Queen's
representative in Ontario. All are welcome to speak out in support of Six

Wednesday, February 28th
12 PM
Queen's Park (Front Lawn)

Bring noisemakers and banners of solidarity!

Should you wish to get involved, please contact

======>>> FEBRUARY 26 to MARCH 2, 2007<<<===================


February 26th to March 2nd week-long fax, email and phone campaign to
negotiators and government representatives:


1) That the government stop its' stalling tactics and recognize Six Nations
title to the land once and for all.

2) That the government stop criminalizing the people of Kanohnstaton.

3) That the government fully recognize the traditional Haudenosaunee
(Iroquois) Confederacy, the traditional government, and stop undermining the
Confederacy they have been trying to squash since 1924.

*(Sample letter below)*

To voice your concerns and demand that the government recognize Six
Nations Land Rights, send an email, phone and/or fax:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-6900
<  >

Jim Prentice, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and
Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians

Parliament Hill: House of Commons
K1A 0A6
Telephone: (613) 992-4275
Fax: (613) 947-9475

< >

Barbara McDougall, Federal Negotiator

Former Cabinet Minister
c/o Jim Prentice, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and
Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians
Parliament Hill: House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Telephone: (613) 992-4275
Fax: (613) 947-9475
< >

Ron Doering- Federal Negotiator
c/o Jim Prentice, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and

Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians
Parliament Hill: House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Telephone:(613) 992-4275
Fax:(613) 947-9475

< >

Jane Stewart
Provincial Negotiator, Province of Ontario
Former Brantford MP and former Federal Indian Affairs Minister
Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario
Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1
Phone Number: (416) 325-1941
Fax Number: (416) 325-3745
<  >

Find and contact your own MP:

=================>>>SAMPLE LETTER<<<=======================

To: Stephen Harper/ Barbara MacDougall/ Jim Prentice/ Jane Stewart/ Ron

Object: Stop the Criminalization of the Six Nations Land Reclamation,
respect the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and immediately recognize Six Nations
land rights.

I am writing to demand that the Canadian government uphold its
responsibilities and return full title of Kanohnstaton (the Douglas Creek
Estates) to the people of Six Nations.

It has now been one year since the people of Six Nations rightfully took
back and reclaimed a piece of land that had been stolen and illegally sold
by the Canadian government. This piece of land, formerly known as "Douglas
Creek Estates", is Kanohnstaton, or The Protected Place, and the government
is well overdue in recognizing the truth of the matter: that this is Six
Nations land, guaranteed by the Haldimand Proclamation, and the Canadian
government has no business claiming, selling, or leasing land that is not

Land claims put forward by First Nations communities are highly overdue.
Section 35 (1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms clearly states
that: "The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples
of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed." In addition to demanding that
the federal and provincial governments follow basic universal rules of human
decency, I demand that the government follow its own Charter of Rights and
Freedoms outlined in the Constitution Act of 1982.

Moreover, I demand that the ongoing criminalization of the people of
Kanohnstaton cease immediately. Indeed, instead of charging, persecuting and criminalizing unarmed indigenous people who are rightfully and peacefully reclaiming their own land, you should be bringing to justice the OPP and  RCMP officers who used violence with tasers and batons on unarmed people, causing injuries and bodily harm, on the vicious raid of April 20th, 2006.

Hazel Hill, spokesperson for Six Nations, has stated: "We didn't create the
situation, we are only trying to rectify it, for our children and future
generations. We have taken action and have re-claimed land that is
rightfully ours. We are there in Peace, and have been since February
28th... Will Canada allow the hatred and violent displays of racism of its
citizens to continue and possibly create another Ipperwash, or will it use
the lessons of the past to ensure that the violence stops and admit to their
citizens that it is through their own actions and abuse of assumed power
that we are in this situation today."

I strongly urge you to heed these words and take action to ensure a just
resolution to this issue in a swift and fair manner.


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following pages:

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Hazel Hill


Six Nations contacts:   ; Janie Jamieson 905-517-7006; Dick Hill 519-865-7722   ; Hazel Hill 519-717-4292 519-445-1351


Contact the people below and tell them you support the Mohawks of Six Nations and you are watching their actions:

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister,  
Governor General of Canada  
OPP Brian Haggith 905-772-3322;
OPP Indian Advisor Jim Potts 613-795-3907;
RCMP London 519-640-7267, 519-756-7050;
Brantford-Hamilton 905-572-2401;
CKUT McGill Radio 514-690-8499;
OPP Caledonia 905-765-2339;
C. P. Wright 289-260-9345;