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Hawk Elder and Seneca Wisdomkeeper Edna Gordon has spent her life exploring and expressing the voice within.

Gordon, 86, is a writer, activist, unofficial philosopher/theologian and raging hawk for the welfare of her people. Her numerous books of naturalistic poetry have reached across physical boundaries to influence a nation, and speak to readers across cultural boundaries.

I love poetry because its simple, Gordon said. Poetry brings out the beauty of man and the beauty of creation ... We lack communication, and this is why poetry is important, because communication is important.

Throughout a prolific 10 years as a writer with an anti-materialistic message, Gordon along with her late husband, Edwin Hannibal Gordon has written 42 books. Her newest collection, Voice of the Hawk Elder, was recently announced winner in the Native American Studies category of the National Best Books 2007 awards.

Her writing revolves around nature and humanity, animals and the elements, all in sharp contrast to the corporatized, commercialized world of today.

Weve gone away from the naturalistic way of life for the materialistic, she explained. Weve forgotten about nature, to be thankful even for just the breath of life, for the sun coming up.

She examines not only nature itself, but the lessons rooted in our natural surroundings what she calls the laws of life. Man learns from nature, she said, and gains his knowledge of life and the world from nature and the natural course of existence.

Its important to know nature to relate to something, Gordon said, referencing a stream which becomes winding as it circumvents obstacles, to see something (in nature) and look at the struggle that it faced in order for us to go on with life.

According to Gordon, this is why modern man encounters so much strife. He has lost his kinship with nature, content to trade a connection to the Earth which sustains him for an artificial environment which corrupts him.

The rift between man and nature, left unchecked, continues to grow deeper with each future generation.

Life is simple, she said. Man complicates it.

Gordon writes to reveal and combat this alienation from nature. Through her poetry, she offers the knowledge of her life and experience of nature.

Its a message of knowledge, and in order to have the message of knowledge, you have to live it, she said.

Most importantly, she preserves the pathway to a more natural way of life and, with her writing, offers a guide for treading that path.

Gordons message focuses on tearing down false corporate law which runs the United States this commercialized, instant potato approach to life to find the true laws of nature. It is this new ideology a moral standard that idolizes wealth and possession which promulgates greed, deceit and contaminates the purity and wholesomeness of nature.

With this basic theme threaded throughout her writing, she hopes to build a foundation upon which future generations can continue to build.

I want you to go on, she said, and build onto all thats going on today because it makes the tomorrow.

Her goal is to promote a more natural, less artificial way of life and learning, and to unify future generations in fostering this refreshed, de-corporatized lifestyle.

We have to have the unity of one mind, she said.

To this end, her home has become a gathering place for many; a sanctuary of open learning and shared knowledge. All are welcome to express themselves without objection and to explore their own learning without hindrance; to be taught if desired, or guided by those who have experienced life.

Gordon said these gatherings are already starting to grow, beginning with her writing, but soon expected to branch out into other mediums. Sessions are also being recorded for future reference and learning.

Gordons literary battle against the corruption and subjugation of man in particular, of Native Americans by corporate America has now taken center stage in a national movement known as the Broomstick Coalition. The movement seeks change through non-violence rather than through force, with artistic expression and protest rather than with physical revolt.

Everybody expects us to pick up guns, and thats the first thing they want the Indians to do pick up their guns so they can come and bomb us, Gordon said. We dont believe in that ... If you want peace, you have to work for peace. You cannot do it with a gun.

Her vision for cleaning out the corrupt comes quite literally from cleaning sweeping the garbage out through perseverance and constant vigilance, just as she uses a broom to clear the dirt from her back porch daily. She urges Indian Nations across the country to give peace to receive peace, as blood only begets blood.

It is hardest to walk in peace, Gordon said, but that is what she wants for her life, and for her childrens lives.

Gordon continually receives letters and e-mails from all over the country, and even other parts of the world. She is currently involved in the writing of another book.

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