Messenger, Aleut Nation, Alaska
November 13, 2007
Virgin Buffalo Calf Births and Statements from Spiritual Leaders
This is a very important time for all human beings. We are being called by the Spirit Who Lives In All Things to restore the Sacred Hoop that has been broken, and we are now called to choose the path of materialism or Spirit. Our choice will determine the degree of suffering and pain we human beings will encounter in this lifetime as we transition into the new world that is about to be birthed.

The appearance of the two white buffalo on the east coast at this time, and the way they were born, is a powerful sign that NOW is the time to bring attention to the human beings, to turn our hearts and minds to the Original Teachings, the Natural Laws, and the Universal Law given to us by the Creator.

The worlds spiritual leaders and healers have read such signs and understand what it is we are facing as human beings at this time. Great changes are occurring on Mother Earth, and these changes are intensifying. Mother Earth herself is awakening from a deep sleep and will shake off what is not in alignment with Spirit. We will experience these changes in this lifetime. What is not in alignment with Spirit will be shaken off.

The appearance of the white and black buffalo on the east coast is a more urgent call to First Nation Peoples around the world that now is the time to wake up from the reckless sleep of our spirit that has caused us to abandon our ways. It is an urgent call that says the time is NOW to vigorously restore our ceremonies, language, rites of passage, stories, art, prayer chants and songs, and Original Teachings given to the real human beings of all nations.

With such sacred signs as the appearance of the white, and now the black buffalo, we are reminded that we are being guided and that we are not alone in this work. But, such signs are also a warning that it is time to wake up. Our ancestors, Mother Earth, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and our allies in the unseen worlds are with us and will help us do the work that must be done. Even the spirits of our ancestors are embodying in the young ones to help us during these times. We must bring the young ones back to the drum and ceremony to help them remember quickly who they are so they can join the forces aligned to help us.

We must awaken in spirit to remember who we are as messengers and caretakers of Mother Earth, and then to share these ways for all who have disconnected and fallen asleep. It is through this path that the First Nations People will be healed. This healing is from the inside and will not come from outside of each of us. The material world is external to us. The spiritual world is inside of us. In our sleep, we reversed where we look for answers and guidance.

The Original Teachings tell us that everyone is on their own sacred path. It is not for us to interfere with anothers sacred path. And it tells us that the ways and language given to each First Nation caretaker where they live are all important in this work to help Mother Earth. There is a reason why each has been given their ways and that these ways should not be mixed with others.

Each of the four sacred colors have been given their own unique gifts to help restore the broken hoop, just as each First Nation Peoples have their unique gifts to offer at this time to restore the Sacred Hoop. Many First Nation Peoples cannot see how their traditions and teachings are important in this great work, but they will come to see it.

The Mayan nations are the masters of time and understand the applications of the Great Mayan Calendar and their knowledge of stars through time. The great Sioux traditions carry the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman and her sacred gift of the Canunpa, the sacred prayer pipe. The Haudenosaunee carry the teachings of the Great Law of Peace. African nations carry knowledge of the first star beings; and so on. There is no First Nation without their significant gift.

When the leaders of all traditions open their hearts and minds to share their ways in sacred gatherings, all will begin to see the importance of the traditions and gifts they carry, like pieces of a puzzle put back together. We cannot see the meaning of one piece until all the other pieces are put in place. It is time now to bring your part to share in the Great Council of Spirit that is mobilizing around the world.

For those who lament that they have lost their sacred ways, you will come to know that these ways were never lost. They have been kept for you in the unseen world, waiting for you to wake up in Spirit.

Let us all hold the vision, in alignment with Spirit, that Truth and Beauty are walking tall once again amongst all human beings and let us show our deepest gratitude for that.

As we seek to touch the hearts of all human beings, let us remember that we must not seek to fight evil, but to let goodness take its place. This is the good way taught to us in the Original Teachings.

Kuuyux, Larry Merculieff
Messenger, Aleut Nation


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