THE LONGEST WALK II-Southern Route Itinerary

Please note that this itinerary is not set in stone. Given the nature of walking we may end up being a day or two off from this schedule. So if you are planning on joining the walk en route at one of these stops please plan with a three day window before and after the date given for the location. Information will be updated as much as possible at

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11-Feb Start: Alcatraz    End:DQU

12-Feb Start: DQU/Rumsey    End:Rio Vista

13-Feb Start: Rio Vista    End:Lodi

14-Feb Start: Lodi    End:Manteca

15-Feb Start: Manteca    End:Modesto

16-Feb Start: Modesto    End:Merced

17-Feb Rest Day

18-Feb Start: Merced    End:Chowchilla

19-Feb Start: Chowchilla    End:Madera

20-Feb Start: Madera    End:Fresno

21-Feb Start: Fresno    End:Camden

22-Feb Start: Camden End:Lemoore

23-Feb Start: Rest Day

24-Feb Start: Lemoore    End:Corcoran/Delano

25-Feb Start: Delano    End:Wasco

26-Feb Start: Wasco    End:Oildale/Baker

27-Feb Start: Oildale/Baker    End:Edison

28-Feb Start: Edison    End:Keene

29-Feb Rest Day

1-Mar Start: Keene    End:Tehachapi

2-Mar Start: Tehachapi    End:Rosamund

3-Mar Start: Rosamund    End:Apple Valley

4-Mar Start: Apple Valley    End:Lucerne Valley

5-Mar Rest Day

6-Mar Start: Lucerne Valley    End:Yucca Valley

7-Mar Start: Yucca Valley    End:Joshua Tree

8-Mar Start: Joshua Tree    End:29 Palms

9-Mar Rest Day

10-Mar Start: 29 Palms    End:TBA

11-Mar Start: TBA    End:TBA

12-Mar Start: TBA    End:TBA

13-Mar Start: TBA    End:TBA

14-Mar Start: TBA    End:TBA

15-Mar Start: TBA    End: Needles


16-Mar Start: Needles/AVI    End: AVI Casino, NV Needles Hwy

17-18 Mar Rest day

19-Mar Start:AVI Casino    End: NV Bull Head City, AZ Needles Hwy

20-Mar Start:Bullhead City, AZ    End: Golden Valley AZ 68

21-Mar Start:Golden Valley, AZ    End: BIA - Valentine AZ 66

22-Mar Start:Valentine, AZ    End: Peach Springs AZ 66

23-Mar Rest Day

24-Mar Start:Peach Springs    End: AZ Seligman AZ 66

25-Mar Start:Seligman    End: AZ Ash Fork AZ 66

26-Mar Start:Flagstaff    End: Meet Staff Runner at I-40/Hwy 66 West Flagstaff AZ66

27-28 Mar Rest Day

29-Mar Start:Flagstaff    End: Rodan Center Indian 15

30-Mar Start:Rodan Center, AZ    End: Bird Spring, AZ Indian 15

31-Mar Start:Bird Spring, AZ    End: Oil Kon, AZ Indian 15

1-Apr Start:Oil Kon, AZ    End: Greasewood, AZ Indian 15

2-Apr Start:Greasewood, AZ    End: Ganado, AZ Indian 15

3-Apr Start:Ganado, AZ    End: Window Rock, AZ Indian 15

4-Apr Rest Day


5-Apr Start:Window Rock, AZ    End:Naschitti Hwy 666

6-Apr Start:Naschitti    End: Dooda - Desert Rock Hwy 95

7-Apr Rest Day

8-Apr Start:Dooda - Desert Rock    End:Nageezi Hwy 666

9-Apr Start:Nageezi    End:Cuba Hwy 550

10-Apr Start:Cuba    End:Coyote Hwy 96

11-Apr Start:Coyote    End:Abiquiu Hwy 96

12-Apr Start:Abiquiu    End:Ojo Caliente Hwy 84/68

13-Apr Rest Day

14-Apr Start:Ojo Caliente    End:Ohkay Owingeh Hwy 84

15-Apr Start:Ohkay Owingeh    End:Pilar Hwy 68

16-Apr Start:Pilar    End:Taos Hwy 456

17-Apr Rest Day

18-Apr Start:Taos    End:Eagle Nest Hwy 64

19-Apr Start:Eagle Nest    End:Cimarron Hwy 64

20-Apr Start:Cimarron    End:Springer Hwy 56

21-Apr Start:Springer    End:Gladstone Hwy 56

22-Apr Start:Gladstone    End:Clayton Hwy 56

23-Apr Clayton Felt, OK


25-Apr Start:Felt, OK    End:Eva Hwy 64

26-Apr Start:Eva    End:Hardesty Hwy 412

27-Apr Start:Hardesty    End:Balko Hwy 412

28-Apr Start:Balko    End:Slapout Hwy 412

29-Apr Start:Slapout    End:May Hwy 412

30-Apr Start:May    End:Woodward Hwy 183/270

1-May Start:Woodward    End:Soiling Hwy 183/270

2-May Start:Soiling    End:Canton Hwy 270 - 51

3-May Rest Day

4-May Start:Canton    End:Hennessey Hwy 51

5-May Start:Hennessey    End:Stillwater Hwy 51

6-May Start:Stillwater    End:Sapulpa/Tulsa Hwy 99

7-May Start:Sapulpa/Tulsa    End:Talequah Hwy 67 - 64

8-May Start:Talequah    End:Sallisaw Hwy 266

9-May Start:Sallisaw    End:Poteau Hwy 59

10-May Start:Poteau    End:Octavia Hwy 259

11-May Start:Octavia    End:Broken Bow Hwy 259

12-May Start:Broken Bow    End:DeKalb Hwy 259

This is as far as the itinerary goes on the website, , as of February 16, 2008. For Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia check the website  at a date closer to the arrival dates in these states.