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January 2, 2008
Lakotah Nation Withdraws From Treaties-Related Articles
 January 1, 2008. Colonialism is a disease. It is characterized by
fantasies, delusions, greed and destruction of everything in its path.
Something like the "Cookie Monster" that eats everything up and just
leaves a few crumbs behind.

For the past few centuries the controllers of Europe have been severely afflicted. In the 1800s they thought they could meet in Berlin and decide who owned every corner of the earth. They didn't even ask the Peoples who lived there. During the 20th century some of these European megalomaniacs had a lapse of sanity. The disease went into a short remission. For a brief moment war didn't make sense to them. They founded the "League of Nations", which folded because they were not sincere. Their delusions were so strong that they didn't bother talking with other nations. After all, "We're the only "master civilized race" in the whole wide world", they told themselves. They kept on making wars among each other. World War II involved everyone due to the ravages from the colonial disease. Then there was another short remission. The United Nations was founded to overcome the addiction to war and greed. Its founding charter declared that all humans are equal. Some of the European megalomaniacs masked their delusions about being the "master race" of the world. Some non-European states were admitted as full members of the UN, but the "master race" kept control. The colonial disease erupted to the surface like a huge festering boil. "What have we done?" they exclaimed in horror.

"We can only let colonially defined states join us!" So it was that
Indigenous nations were excluded. Then the colonial disease mutated and took on new forms. Some "contagions", like the United States and the Soviet Union began to believe they could be masters of the universe. 160 wars were provoked worldwide as a result of the "divide and conquer" mutation. Then new forms of "colonialism" erupted in the business world.

Mega-sized international corporations started trying to gobble up all
people, governments and resources as if there was no tomorrow. Instead of curing colonization, the UN developed its own strains of the disease. The addicts used it as a tool. European institutions [like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and others] forced themselves onto Indigenous Peoples to rape our land, labor and material resources. War was promoted as "peacekeeping". The international court confirmed that no people could be absorbed into another state without the free and fully informed consent
of the majority of the people concerned. The colonial poison spread.

Indigenous peoples were unlawfully incorporated into the  boundaries of the "invaders". The UN tried to fudge the issue by establishing a separate "Indigenous Forum". The states most severely infected are the Americas, Australia and New Zealand which have been populated by the contaminated Europeans and other immigrants. They brought colonial and other diseases with them. They reinforced the delusion that they own everything that had
been stolen during the height of the colonial epidemic. The disorder has to be eradicated by decolonization. They have to work out a solution and a reasonable plan for regaining their mental and social health. They have to return everything they stole. Otherwise this sickness is going to take them on a fast track to total destruction. We have struggled to find a cure ever since the colonial "plague" wiped out 115 million of our people in the Americas. We have repeatedly asked to be left alone. We have retreated to avoid contamination. The Europeans continue to chase their addiction by finding more victims.

What will happen when they run out?

They will either kick the habit or they will die. It looks like they will
continue to be driven by demons of greed. Their own scientists tell them they have brought the environment perilously close to collapse. They don't seem to be able to stop themselves. They continue to tear apart and pollute every nook, vale and ancient plane of the environment. They seed clouds with toxic chemicals and create continents of garbage in the ocean.

Lakes are full of bubbling sewage of chemical residue. The lush forests that once sheltered our ancestors have been felled. They have destroyed the sacred spawning grounds of fish, the nesting grounds of birds and the habitats of our animal protectors. The cities that the Europeans were once so proud of are flooded with social, political, economic and other toxins.

Yet the disease continues to hold them in its deadly grip. Like junkies
they keep trying to infect everybody. The habit of ignoring and defaming Indigenous Peoples continues. We try to coax these colonial "low lifes" out of their madness. They're making a "hell on earth" for everybody!

Recently the Lakota decided to give the colonists another chance to come to their senses. They put out a "Declaration of Continuing Independence" on December 17, 2007. It's nothing new. According to ancient principles of international law that were defined and confirmed by the UN, the Lakota and all Indigenous Peoples continue to be independent and sovereign. The colonists did not respect the law because they're sick and deluded. But
that is no excuse. There are signs that many people who were born in colonial society have developed a resistance to the disease. The Lakota Declaration is attempting to strengthen the process needed to overcome the illness. It is offering members of the colonial society a reality check and a chance to start treating everyone with equality and respect. They'll have to leave their "false hierarchical high" and fill that void some other way! Can they rehabilitate themselves and begin the long slow process of recovering from their addiction and escape this ravaging disease?

The Lakota "Notice to All Foreign Governments and Private Owners of Real Estate" within their Republic, proposes a new beginning for all Indigenous peoples of the Americas. The declaration has been recognized as such by over 140 nations in the world so far. It is a good way to begin the new year!

Kahentinetha Horn
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