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SnowwOwl February 2002


     A not so great time ago, it was to my great Honor to be called "Uncle" by a young one and, in turn, allowed to call him "Nephew". This young one lives with his Grandfather, a very dear Brother of mine. At this young age, and well before in fact, he hears the heart beat of Mother Earth very well and with each passage of time this heart beat gains in its intensity within him. His Grandfather is teaching him well and guiding the young one as best he can according to the Ways of The Great Spirit. They are definitely examples of how the young and the older need not have Society's Excuse: Generation Gap separate those that should not be separated in the first place.

This young one will be nine years old this month, and there are millions who could take lessons from him already. Last month, seeing many tussles and fights upon his school ground, he came home to his Grandfather, troubled as only ones this young can be. He wanted to "do something".

This was on a Friday evening, and his grandfather said, "Fine, what do you think you should do?" The young man replied, "I want to lead a Peace March." Being the wise fellow that he is, the Grandfather replied, "This is good, but you have to work this out on your own."

     All that weekend, the young one worked and toiled in the maelstrom of activity that only ones this young can survive in:-D

     Come the Monday, there upon the school grounds, at recess times and lunch times, he was. With signsmarching around the school, not saying a wordletting his walking and signs, do the talking. Soon it was, he had others following him. It is said, up to 30 or more. Sometimes, he walked aloneThis was the hardest time, he told his grandfather. Yet, as the picture shows, walk and march he did and while the picture does not fully do justice to this bright one, you can see by his face, this is no mere "child's fancy".

     Upshot of this, at the end of the week he was having most the children not only following his ideal, but signing Peace Treaties that he had made up and at last word, things are much quieter upon this small school ground now. Because of one small child whose heart listens to what The Great Spirit speaks and asks. Unlike grownups who ignore this Voice so they can walk what they feel is a more "fun" Path or a more "glorious one"; do nothing because they believe it is futile for a person to believe that a single wee small voice can change anything.

     The grownups of this Nation, and the world-at-large, should be ashamed. If we would be take the example of this one small child with the large heart, and begin as he has, at the lowest leveland began to walk with purpose toward a True Worthy Goal, imagine what could result? What if this heart mood were to go from this child and these children, to the teachers, then to the school board and the parents; then to the places of work to their fellow co-workers, and back down to their children; between the parents; between the common people and their local governments; between the law enforcement and the citizens; between the merchants and their customers; the hospitals and their patients; between the racesand then from their townto another, and anotherand another.

     No riots, no screaming, no fighting, no demanding that another give in first but rather both give in at once and together; to once again view the world through a child's eyes and marvel while accepting its simplicity. To simply march with purpose toward Love, and accepting nothing less.

It is said, "A Child Shall Lead Them", now, a child has: Who will follow? 

A short bit later, while driving to another nearby town, the family saw an eagle lift off slowly from the earth. They stop along side the road, with other cars zooming past and taking no notice. The eagle took its time, and wafted upon the air currents but 40-60 feet above their heads, as if making sure they saw him; as if this one was in fact, delivering a message. Perhaps, the message was - Sometimes, even Eagles must fly alone.

It is said, "A Child Shall Lead Them", now a child has, who will follow? Will you?

Nephew, I am supremely proud of you.


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