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The links/credits below are those from which  the artwork on these pages came from. I purposefully did not credit each individual piece of art work so that you would go to their sites.  Why? Because these folks are consummate artists and I would be doing the reader a disservice not to try and get you to visit the sites in their entirety. They have so much to offer! All of the website graphics were  designed and created by for SnowwOwl.


Untitled Untitled Elton 3 Stars, Sr

Circle Of Life

Caribou Montage

Bear Montage Gary Ampel

Calling Down a Vision

Cry of the Thunderbird

Badge of Honor

Kiowa Pony Dance

Roy Andersen
_bio.asp?artist=Roy Andersen

Special Snowy 2 Bob Atkins

And Miles To Go Robert Bateman

Eagle Dreamer Gabriel Beaulieu

Founding Fathers II David Behrens
The Storyteller




Web 1


Sitting Bull

Chief Joseph

Eagle Cries

Sonja Boekhorst

Grandfather Wolf

Seven Moons Rising



Susan Seddon Boulet
The Eagle Shield

Eagle Man

Animal Dreams

Bear Shield

Gentle Spirit


Marie Buchfink

Eagle and Warrior

Coyote Walks By

Warrior's Strength

Vision Seeker

Morning Prayer


Jerome Bushyhead

Wildlife Montage M. Caroselli

Dust to Ashes

Rides with Honor

Roams the Plains No More

We the People

Sky Hawk's Prayer

With Every Breath a Prayer

The Legend Keeper

Star Hawk

Warrior Paint

Come Freedom

War Ponies

Black Coyote

Eagle Chant

Exiled in the Land of the Free

Last Victory

Sunrise Vision

Moon of the Shedding Ponies

J.D. Challenger

Golden Eagle Shield The Watcher Geronimo Clark

Shiwawatiwa Zuni Hupa Woman Karen Clarkson

Grandmother Moon

Debra Colburn

Humpback Whales

Salmon Run 

Sue Coleman


Guardian of the North

Phillip Crowe

Two Bears of the Blackfeet

Let My Spirit Soar

Calling the Buffalo

Guardian Spirits

Bev Doolittle

Breast Plate Soaring Eagle

When We Dance
The Spirits Dance

Mother and Child

Ladies Fancy Shawl on Butterfly Wings

Traditional Sneak-up

David L. Evening Thunder

Polar Animals James Himsworth

Shield 1 Turtle Shield Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse

Wings of Freedom Courtship Flight Mario Fernandez

Wild Roses Anne Geddes

High Country Starlight Sentry Nancy Glazier

Chamisa Woman with Lemons R.C.Gorman

Gathering Storm Martin Grelle-

Dancing for Their Lives Learning the Song Carol Grigg-
Song of the Magpies

Eagles and Crows Kinati John Guthries
Shadow of the Owl

Lakota Women

Linda Haukaas

Spirit of Wakan Tanka

Cecilia Henle

Spotted Hawk Vase Owl Vase

Iver & Jennifer Hennig

Getting Ready for the Powwow Celebration Deborah Hiatt

Good Omen  Speaking to the Owl Rance Hood
Beluga Whales Juta Ileepee
Drum Dancing Walrus Willie Ishulutak

White Buffalo Calf Woman Arnold Aron Jacobs
Walrus Floating on Back Charlie Jonal
Polar Bear with Seal Lyta Josephie
Female Drum Dancer Soudloo Josephie

Afternoon Delight

Jame B. King Woolenshirt

Polar Bear Adla Korgak

Paws and Reflect

The Resistors

And Then There Were None

The Vanishing 

The Family Tree

The Survivors

Undercover Agent

Judy Larson

Bright Eyes Joan Mason

Eagle Dancer Buffalo Art McKellips


Evening Shade



Jeanne McMahon

White Waters James Meger-

Dancing Til Dawn Mon Shon Marianne Millar

Across the Mountain

Henry Kills Alive

Ben Black Elk

John Stanley

David Humphreys Miller

Panther Warrior Theodore Morris

Drinking Wolf Angry Bruin Alix Mosiuer
A New Day Dawning Spirit of the Plains Maxine Noel
Kneeling Drum Dancer Johnnylee Nooveya

War Chief  Broken Treaties Bill ONeill-
Powwow Dancer 1

Powwow Dancer 2

Powwow Dancer Leonard Paul
Ghost Dance Leader

Self Portrait

Ride Home


Leonard Peltier

Circle  Shield Susan Point

Untitled TJ Powell

Night Lights

Night Fires Jeanne Rager

War Dance Martin Red Bear

Kindred Spirits Judi Rideout






Daniel San Souci
Running Against the Storm Janis Schmidt

Woh'Dem'La Hu:Du'Du Ken Seotewa

Desert Sundance

Sunset Point

Adin Shade

Beluga Whales on Antler Base Eegeesiak Shoo

Dreamer Eric Silver
Warrior Breast Plate Elder Jesse Smith

Medicine Bull Carol Snow -Seneca

Proud Bird

The Sentinel

Spotted Owl Diana Stanley

Peace and War Four Directions & Four Seasons of Life Dorothy Sullivan

Medicine Bull Carol Snow -Seneca

Four Horses Generations of Strength Dana Tiger

Three Generations Grandmother Teaches Howard Terpning

The Mystery The Blessing Donald Vann

Little Blue Eyes Donna Walsh

Horse Dance Buffalo Endures Kathy Whitman


Untitled Ian Wilde

Blanket Spirits Grey Hawk Dreamer Patricia Wyatt

Dream Catcher Pipe

Buffalo Calf Woman

Arctic Totem

Eagle Cry

Freedom Flight

Future Dreams

Eagle Totem

Eagle Storm

Spirit Mountain

A Proud Leader

Medicine Horse


Calling the Spirits

Arrow Art

Desert Moon Song

Eagle Chief

High Desert Totem

Circle of Life

Buffalo Shield Speaks

Spirit River

Calling the Pack

War Ponies


I don't yet know who these artists are or if the titles are exact. If you know-I would appreciate your sending me the artist's name-I would like to give them credit and a link!

I was led to believe I had permission- but have found that those who gave permission did not have the right to give permission-I would like to continue to display these pictures-so please HELP! 

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