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     The white Man brought to our People many hurtful things. Sorry but very true. Alcohol and disease are just a couple.

     But, to me, there is one thing that is far worse than all the others put together. He taught us GREED!

     There was a time when there was no greater aspiration for one of our People than to do good for all as a whole. But then things changed.

     The White Man brought things we never had, never even dreamed of. Things that suddenly we felt we needed, things we just had to have, despite the thousands of years of survival without them.

     There were those who suddenly felt it more important to have these things than any of our customs, our ceremonies or any allegiance to their blood relatives and Nations. Our history is spotted with such people. Remember, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull both were murdered by their own people.

     There were those who signed treaties simply because they were paid to do so.

     Those that sold the land, that only the Creator owned, for mere trade goods.

     Those that took money to hunt down the few true warriors left that were fighting for what was right.

     Those that took the easy road rather than face the hardships of walking the Red Road.

     And those that learned of the things that the White Man's money could buy and thus learned the true meaning of GREED!

     Those kind of people, those sell outs for greed, those that money means more to that honor, loyalty, or blood are still with us today.

     I speak of such as the owners and publishers of RedSkin Magazine. They are the lowest of low. They target our children at a time when they need positive things in their lives, not the trash preached by this rag.

     Do they talk of returning to traditions?

     Do they print articles pointing our youth to help from drug addiction, alcoholism, gang life and suicide the exploitation of our women?

     Of course not. Not much money in that!

     They sell way more magazines by printing trash that encourages these very things. The very name is a slap in our faces!

     They claim this rag is Native owned so it's all ok? No folks, I think not. It is SELL OUT owned!

     Their sole purpose is to make money at our expense, but more shameful, more treacherous, more despicable than words can describe....they do so at the expense of our youth.

     We can not just let that slide. To do so is to say we care nothing for our own flesh and blood. I am not just calling for a boy-cot of this trash rag, I'm asking that you flood them with letters of protest.

     Let them know that our women, our youth and our People as a whole can not be treated so poorly without consequences.

     That we will not sit idly by while they sell out everything that is dear to us.

     Let our voices be heard that we will not fade quietly into the night while a few of our own sell us down the river as they sit back and count their dirty money!

     So says, Spirit Hawk ^i^

RedSkin Magazine Administrations:
Jody Martin Mathew Hill - Media Relations:  
Hilary Chambers - International Media Relations:  
(519) 518 2009 or TOLL FREE (877) 794 0804 - P.O Box 321 - Ohsweken ON - N0A 1M0
Adrianne Lickers - Six Nations Ontario - Canada:
Cari Singer - US Marketing Division:

Thank you Susan Bates for bringing this to our attention.
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