This site was created for the main purpose of educating, in some small way, people to the utter beauty

and creativity of the Native American/American Indian Peoples; their pure spirituality; and their current, as well as, past - plight. 

     This site, in and of itself, does not exist to "sell" anything, it is dedicated to educating. It is a Labor of Love, as the saying goes, and its outer self is created and maintained by a husband and wife team (87 years and 57 years young, respectively), while the inner self is brought into being and gathered by a man of 63.

On August 29, 2006 Snow Owl passed to the other side--The site will continue, in his honor, with the gathering being done by Spotted Wolf, myself (Stone Woman) and Guest Contributors.

On January 5, 2017 Spotted Wolf passed to the other side. I have kept this site going in his honor. However, I no longer have the computer or the programs to make the site viable for smart phones.

On November 7, 2018  This Site Will Come Down

Unfortunately some people have cloned my sites, when I have not renewed the domain name for nefarious reasons, mainly adding "ads" to the site that aren't even relevant. If you see a site that looks like thhis, after November 7th. Know it is NOT the website created by me for SnowwOwl and Spotted Wolf.

     In this site, you will find many things, for the most part, all with the essence of the Native American in mind, including examples along with links showing where they and more can be found. There will be examples of Pottery, Arrowheads, Shields, Baskets, Sand Paintings, Masks, Graphic Art, Paintings, Quotes, old time Photographs, contemporary and historical Relics/Art, 
Links to all kinds of things  and sites Native American, as well as, sites  that just simply captured our imagination when we happened to discover them, and a
Partridge in a Pear Tree! 

     Basically, we will strive to live up to our claim of: 
     You will never know what you may find here!

     You will also find Articles, Comments and Observations of and by a Common Man on Various Situations in the World of Today, as well as Stories and Articles by Guest Contributors; Pages dedicated to "Featured Artists ~ Photographers ~ Websites"; Native American Information and Links to Pow Wows!

     We hope that we aid The Seeker regardless of The Path he or she is on 
to birth new delight in areas they did not know of before, or rekindle pride in others, who for whatever reasons, may have had those fires dampened.

     So, please...take a page from the Big Cat below, and come on in...and do as the picture's caption says: PAWS and REFLECT



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